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One of the biggest challenges faced by learners of Chinese is tones - this is made even more difficult by the fact that English is not a tonal language. Mandarin has 4 basic tones, the pitch contours of which are shown in the first image. In turn, tones are indicated by the strokes shown in the second image. These strokes are placed on top of vowels (see next card for more on tone marks). The best way to improve your tones is to talk in Chinese as much as you can with native speakers and have them correct you. Also try to parrot what they say as much as you can - obviously not to the point that they never want to see you again but ask for their help and explain you need to improve your tones and you shouldn't have a problem! Other ways to improve including watching Chinese TV dramas (yes - I'm telling you to watch television!) and listening to Chinese music. I've also included a video that you can use to practice your tones~
@onesmile I know the feeling...!
okay I'm going to have to revisit this card 80000 times but thank you!!
tones are really hard. I didn't really pick them up until I actually spent time in China.
@sailingperson butchering the tones is all part of learning to speak Chinese ;)
@onesmile @funkystar25 If you need any help, don't be afraid to get in touch!
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