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How to Maintain Concrete Surface?

It has been proven that high-quality floor markings and coverings increase workplace safety and organisation while increasing staff morale. A little upkeep can go a long way in keeping these surfaces performing these roles and looking great for years to come. Here's how you can maintain your polished concrete floors looking great.
What are the benefits of concrete cleaning?
While polished concrete floors are robust, long-lasting surfaces, they require some maintenance to stay in good shape. We propose following the instructions below in a three-part approach to floor maintenance:
Clean up any spills and remove any stains as soon as possible.
Take precautions to avoid future stains and wear.
Follow a daily and weekly floor cleaning routine.
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Restore as soon as possible: Any spills should be cleaned up immediately and thoroughly. The longer a collapse is allowed to rest, the greater the chance of discolouration or erosion.
Depending on the chemical nature of the offending substance, spill cleanup and stain treatment methods vary.
Protect: The final step in the floor polishing procedure is to apply a sealant. When a spill or stain is cleaned, some of this protective layer is gone, and it will need to reapply. Even if spill and stain treatment isn't required, sealers will need to be reapplied regularly to combat ordinary wear.
Maintain: Establishing a routine cleaning to prevent the likelihood of stains and damage is part of the entire process of keeping polished concrete floors in good condition. Spills should be cleaned immediately as part of a standard cleaning regimen. 
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