Types of aftermarket motorcycle headlights

The biggest proponents of aftermarket motorcycle LED headlights are riders who have already experienced the benefits. Motorcyclists who commute frequently to work or traveling long distances experience the most benefits.

Adding LED lighting to your motorcycle will increase safety in two main ways. First, the rider has a better view of the road ahead, and secondly, the motorcycle is more visible to other vehicles on the road.

It is a simple theory, but many motorcyclists do not realize how limited their view of the road really is. By looking further down the road, riders can identify potential hazards much easily. As a result, the rider has more time to keep the motorcycle out of harm's way.

Even looking at signs on the road will have a considerable effect on a rider's ability to navigate the road safely. LED headlights and auxiliary LED lighting can greatly improve road visibility.

Sealed Beam and Adaptive Motorcycle LED Headlights are much better than HID headlights.

The failure rate is much lower and the beam pattern is more unswerving. HID headlight kits typically produce less bright and hot spots where the beam is not consistent.

Sealed LED motorcycle headlights top the list of direct alternatives to OEM motorcycle lighting. The sealed beam LED headlights are designed to replace the stock headlights within the OEM category.

By directing light more clearly, the sealed beam headlights create an idyllic beam pattern. The rider can look down the road and both ways.

Adaptive LED headlights are the latest direct replacement option for motorcycle headlights. Adaptive technology enables the lights to perceive when the motorcycle is tilted so that it can redirect the beam to illuminate dark corners while providing a better beam pattern.

Real-time redirects are automatic, raising or lowering the beamline as the motorcycle turns while in high and low beams.

Another option is LED motorcycle auxiliary lights which will further enhance the beam pattern. Auxiliary lights also have a built-in super-bright white LED halo.

It has two purposes. First, bright white light is inserted near the motorcycle which fills the dark area between the motorcycle and the low beam, making it easier to see the road. It is great for riding when dark outside or when the weather is not ideal.

Furthermore, the motorcycle is more visible to other vehicles on the road. We have all heard stories of mishaps on the road where the drivers claim that they could not see the other vehicle coming.

White Daytime Running light is built into many popular products. Daytime running not only help you see the road better but to help other drivers see you on the road.

Motorcycle windshield and fairing LED lighting used in LED windshield trim, LED vent inserts, and LED headlight / passing light trim rings serve this purpose. Like the DRLs in cars, these products have white LED DRL that light as soon as the motorcycle is started.