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Famous Outdoor Catering Service Provider In Delhi
"Outdoor caterering service" means a caterer who provides catering-related services in a place other than his own, but also includes a place provided for tenancy or otherwise by the recipient of those services. Some of the best outdoor catering services in Delhi for all kinds of events such as private parties, corporate gatherings, themed parties and all kinds of wedding related functions, are listed as follows: Cuisines and Concepts Ø A pre-wedding cocktail party, a wedding reception, a fun brunch, a theme dinner, a business launch, a formal sit-down, a devotional event or a milestone celebration. Ø The team of 'Cuisines and Concepts' take care of all kinds of occasions. Ø Choose this catering service for ensuring impeccable and hassle-free food, ambiance and service. Dine Divine Ø This catering service is known for serving delicious Continental and European cuisines for breakfast, lunch, and supper. Ø Their main course foods are beyond words and for the starters; they give an array of sizzling pizzas, burgers, and tacos etc. Ø They will cook the dishes right at your place to ensure the quality of the food. Lettuce Eat Ø This catering service guarantees on the delectable quality of the food at your doorstep. Ø Tikkas and kebabs are what we adore having when arranging a house gathering in the lawn or in open area, particularly in winters. Ø This home catering service with its rich meaty affair could turn out to be a feasible choice. Benazir Foodie Ø A variety of cuisines that offer by them are widely popular among the people of Delhi NCR. Ø What you have to do is ‘just place your order in advance’ and they will provide you delectable foodstuff. They also provide kitchen assistant to help heat and serve also. Chef Style Ø It is another caterer that offers catering service to small gatherings of about 20-30 people and also for extensive social gatherings of 900-1100 individuals. Ø The food ranges from Indian to Continental that also includes live pasta and chaat counters. Ø They also provide all kinds of beverages on their menu. Check out the above mentioned outdoor catering services for remarkable dining experience. Cheers!
Learn From These Mistakes Before Hiring Best SEO Companies For Your Business
The field of SEO has received a lot of importance and significance in the current times. More and a number of commercial companies have been induced to hire SEO experts so that their websites and links can get extra visibility in the search engines. In a bid to get this final goal, the companies are trying their level best to appoint the most responsible and effective SEO experts. The market has a huge variety of these SEO companies. The best SEO companies offer you a host of services and promise to bring you the largest volume of visitors so that they can be converted into possible buyers. However, with each of these SEO companies promising to deliver their best for their clients, it is easy to appoint the wrong partner for the task. Hence in this article, we shall point out the common mistakes that companies make while appointing SEO experts. Check For Long Term Clients Rather Than Number Of Clients – Often at the time of looking for SEO companies, experts and partners you go through the website of such companies. In these websites, the section of their client reviews is of utmost importance. However, instead of looking for the number of clients with whom they have worked, you must look for the tenure for which the company has served its clients. This is an indication of the standard or the quality of service that they have offered to their customers. This will give you an indication of the quality that you are about to hire for yourself. Independent Customers Being More Important Than Bulk – always go for companies and SEO partners who are keen to work with individual companies than with a bulk of customers. This is how they will give you undivided and undiluted attention. This is how they will give you just what you require. Here it is important to mention that SEO is a highly open forum. There is no definite and uniform recipe for success in this genre. A partner or a vendor who can offer you success will be one who will understand your individual and very unique requirements. Each company has its own special unique requirement. You must look for an SEO expert who will patiently look at your profile and will understand your requirements as a unique case. Gives Close Attention – A good SEO expert must be one who will give you close attention and focus. This is how they will understand your specific requirements and will hence design your SEO services in a manner that will benefit your brand the best. Gives a specific Timeline – SEO technique and strategy is a domain that is highly dynamic. It is hence important that the SEO expert must work on the basis of a stringent and strict timeline. If this timeline is not provided then the whole strategy no matter how good if it happen to get delayed then the whole effect can get lost. This is why a strict timeline is of utmost importance. Attract Specific Traffic Than Bulk – In SEO attracting bulk attention and traffic is not always important. It is important that the attention of the right set of customers and clients is attracted. This is one of the main attributes that can give you maximum benefit. Try to follow the above-mentioned points so that you can avoid some of the common mistakes that are often committed by companies and commercial brands at the time of appointing SEO companies. Also instead of getting into talks with a single SEO company trying to get in touch with three or four choices at a single go. This can help you get better deals.
In-N-Out Comes To Australia; Sells Out Instantly
Thanks to the glory that is social media, 'foodie' culture has allowed for plenty of marketing potential in the restaurant industry. When we have a good meal (or, at least, an incredibly aesthetically pleasing one), we take a picture for Instagram, we check-in on Facebook, we leave a review on Yelp. In fact, in a recent survey conducted by Compete.com, 50% of adults aged 18 - 32 years said they become aware of particular foods and restaurants via social media. Which is why, when California fast food chain In-N-Out Burger made its way to Australia this week, the results were unlike anything you would've expected in a pre-Facebook generation. Because of their viral success, In-N-Out is able to open 'pop up' shops all around the world, allowing local food porn enthusiasts just four hours to be able to try their famous burgers for themselves. Because of the limited time and the increasing concept of 'FOMO', the lines are understandably huge, and Sydney, Australia's case was no different. (Aussie food blogger Rebecca Sullivan called it "herd mentality in its most embarrassing form." I call it, "How dare you underestimate the majesty of a dope-ass hamburger!") Unfortunately, the In-N-Out pop-up only had enough ingredients to make 300 or so burgers, so employees gave out wristbands to the first 300 people in line, and then sent everyone else on their way. (Will this make them rue the day they met In-N-Out? Will this only make them try harder next time? Who knows.) But, as a Californian, this whole event had me thinking: Have you had In-N-Out before? Do you want to try In-N-Out? If you don't live near one, and an In-N-Out pop-up came to your neighborhood, would you try to go? Let me know in the comments below what YOU think, and for more WTF news, follow my WTF Street Journal collection.
[부산IN신문] 부산테크노파크 스마트헬스케어센터, ‘ICT&스마트헬스케어 기반 스포츠산업 창업아이디어 경진대회’ 개최…오는 2월 14일까지 모집
(재)부산테크노파크 스마트헬스케어센터(원장 최종열)와 부산가톨릭대학교 지역 융복합 스포츠산업 거점 육성 사업단이 주관하는 ‘ICT&스마트헬스케어 기반 스포츠산업 창업아이디어 경진대회’가 개최됐다. 이번 경진대회는 ICT&스마트헬스케어 기반의 스포츠산업의 다양한 창업 아이디어를 발굴하여 스포츠산업 분야의 창업 분위기 조성과 확산을 촉진하기 위해 진행된다. 공모주제는 유소년, 청년·중장년, 고령자를 대상으로 한 ICT&스마트헬스케어 기반 스포츠산업 분야로 나누어진다. 유소년을 대상으로 한 게임·발달스포츠분야는 ICT, 3R(VR, AR, MR)등의 융합기술이 접목된 게임·놀이 등 신체활동 및 신체정보를 데이터화 가능한 스포츠용품 및 기기, 서비스 등이다. 청년·중장년 대상은 U-피트니스 스포츠분야로 ICT, 3R 등의 융합기술이 접목된 체력측정, 운동처방 등 스포츠를 통한 신체적인 건강을 개인이 유지관리가 가능한 스포츠용품 및 기기, 서비스 등이다. 마지막 고령자 대상의 시니어·재활스포츠분야는 ICT, 3R, 헬스케어 등의 융합기술이 접목된 고령자의 신체적 특성이 반영된 스포츠용품 및 기기, 서비스 등이다. 참가대상은 개인 및 5명 이내의 팀, 예비창업자(팀) 또는 공고일로부터 5년 이내 창업자(팀)이면 참여가 가능하다. 접수방법은 (재)부산테크노파크 스포츠융복합사업단 홈페이지(http://smarthealth.or.kr/)의 사업공고에서 공고 신청서 작성 후 홈페이지로 접수하면 된다. 공모전 접수기간은 오는 2월 14일 오후 6시까지다. 본대회는 부산 해운대구 마리안느 호텔 세미나홀에서 2월 25일부터 26일까지 1박 2일로 진행되며, 참가자에게 숙소가 제공될 예정이다. 이후 시상식은 2월 28일 서울 COEX, SPOEX 2020 행사장에서 진행될 계획이다. 대회 수상자에게는 △(재)부산테크노파크 원장상으로 최우수상 2팀은 상금 300만원 △부산가톨릭대학교 총장상으로 우수상 2팀은 상금 100만원을 시상하게 된다. 이외에도 수상자에게는 △(재)부산테크노파크가 주관하는 ‘2020년 ICT&스마트헬스케어 기반 스포츠산업 활성화 지원 사업’ 참여시 가산점 부여 △부산가톨릭대학교 창업보육센터 입주 신청시 가산점 부여 △부산가톨릭대학교 지역융복합스포츠산업거점육성사업단에서 창업 아이디어를 구체화할 수 있도록 수상자 수요에 맞춘 ‘맞춤형 멘토링’의 수상특전이 주어진다. 본 대회와 관련한 자세한 문의는 (재)부산테크노파크 스마트헬스케어센터 이우근 선임연구원(051-320-3527)으로 문의하면 된다. 강승희 기자 / busaninnews@naver.com #ICT #스마트헬스케어 #스포츠산업 #창업아이디어 #경진대회 #지역융복합스포츠 #게임스포츠 #발달스포츠 #U피트니스 #재활스포츠 #시니어스포츠 #공모전 #참가모집 #상금 #부산테크노파크 #부산가톨릭대학교 #스포츠융복합사업단
패스콘이 비밀번호가 아닌 이유 10가지
비밀번호는 문제가 많습니다. 인터넷과 블록체인에서 모두 문제의 근원입니다. 1. 입력값을 서버에 보내지 않는다. 2. 입력값이 무엇인지 본인도 모른다. 3. 요청->챌린지->대응의 2way인증이다. 4. 디바이스 입력인증키 자연난수 개인키의 4팩터 인증이다. 5. 키보드를 사용하지 않는다. 6. 가상키패드가 아니다. 7. 비대칭 키 즉 PKI 전자서명 인증이다. 8. 자연난수. 비대칭키를 간편하게 변경할 수 있다. 9. AES256 대칭키를 솔트없이 완전하게 적용한다. 10.Webauthn. CTAP과 완벽하게 호환돨 수 있다. 패스콘은 #지코드이노베이션 이 개발한 혁신 특허기술입니다. 패스콘 동영상 유투브 #Passwordless 검색상위 랭크되었습니다. #패스콘 은 가장 완전한 #passwordless 인증 보안 기술입니다. #IDall 은 혁신적인 #PASSCON 기술을 기반으로 하는 안전하고 편리한 #DID 플랫폼입니다. #Passwordless #인증 #보안 #비밀번호 #로그인 #지코드이노베이션 #Password #비밀번호관리 #암호관리 네이버: https://m.blog.naver.com/gcodpasscon 유투브: https://lnkd.in/fVyHipS 브런치: https://brunch.com/@idall 네이버: https://m.blog.naver.com/gcodpasscon 텔레그램 그룹: https://t.me/idalluser 텔레그램 채널: https://t.me/idalluser 지코드이노베이션: http://www.gcod.co.kr IDall 원아이디: http://www.idall.io
Graphic Design Tip: How to Brainstorm an Effective Logo
Before I started going to art school, my parents (as a lot of parents do) really overestimated my own abilities. During my high school years, they launched their own non-profit organization for breast cancer advocacy, where the entire group was essentially run out of a room of our house. My father was in charge of building the website and making sure that it ran smoothly. My mother was the spokesperson, often attending various conventions and symposiums to address those in the medical field about breast cancer and HER2+, a more aggressive expression. Launching the group was running quite smoothly until my parents approached me with a favor. They wanted me to design their logo. Andddd it didn't go so well. They gave up and found a professional. Fast forward to my life after art school, and I'm looking back at my high school years wishing I could have helped teenage me come up with a great logo design. While creating a logo is not as easy as it looks, it really is perhaps one of my favorite design challenges. There is a lot to consider when you're making a logo, and I've decided that it might be helpful to make a simplified list for all of you Vingle designers so that you can go out into the branding world and create beautiful things! 1. Keep it simple. As fun as it is to be given the opportunity to really utilize your creative side, it really isn't the appropriate time to start busting out all of those fancy and elaborate tricks you might have learned doing other projects. Creating a visually 'busy' logo is just not effective marketing. 2. Keep in mind that you're creating a symbol to represent a company. It can be pretty direct symbolism, ie: the apple logo for Apple or the red cross for American Red Cross, or it can be more abstract, similar to the Nike swoosh. Another popular logo option is to reduce down to a strictly typographic design. Disney or Kellogg's is a good example of effective typographic logos. Get creative, but keep it simple. My favorite example of balance between creativity and minimalism is the FedEx logo. Have you ever noticed there's an arrow between the E and the X? 3. Do your research. Before thumbnailing your own logo ideas, think of all of the logos you've seen that really caught your attention. Even try drawing them out freehand. Look up interviews with the advertising designers behind some of the world's most famous logos. I would recommend "To Inform and Delight", a documentary about Milton Glaser, the artist who designed the I♥NY logo. 4. When you're finally ready, begin making a list of all the descriptive words you associate with the company and how you want your audience to feel when looking at your logo, like 'friendly' or 'sophisticated'. Then think about your nouns. When you think about your company, what images come to mind? If you were creating a logo for Tropicana Orange Juice, for example, maybe the first thing you think of is a tree or an orange or a glass. Try to think of as many nouns as possible, as these will definitely help you when you start putting pencil to paper. 4. USE YOUR SKETCHBOOK. I can't stress the importance of this. I feel like a lot of artists go straight to their laptops and begin working on Photoshop or Illustrator over working on actual thumbnails first. Technology can really stifle the creative process that is so important in the early stages of design. Draw at least 100 thumbnails in your sketchbook. It will really help you push your own boundaries and give you a number of ideas to choose from. 5. When considering which thumbnail you want to use, think about the different ways your logo will be translated for pamphlets, packages, and other promotional materials. Does your logo translate well to color AND black and white? How does it look on a dark background versus a light background? How does the logo look with text and without text? Is it as visually effective when you adjust the scale? Manipulate your logo over and over, and if it is still recognizable, you probably have yourself a really iconic logo! I hope this can help some of you designers and marketers, especially those of you who might be in the middle of branding or rebranding a company. The logo is always the first start! Happy designing!
9 Advertisements Probably Made By 'Cool Dads'
Advertising is quite the competitive field. You've got to be a strong communicator, someone creative, someone who has their finger on the pulse of all the up-and-coming trends. But for every catchy jingle, winning slogan, or hilarious campaign, there's about a dozen horrible, cringe-worthy attempts at - frankly - trying to make 'fetch' happen. It's almost like the advertising world is overrun with 'cool Dads'. (No offense to Vingle dads, who are as cool as they come. Obviously.) To show you guys exactly what I mean, I've decided to share 9 different so-tryhard-it's-embarrassing advertisements. You homies better know what I'm sayin'. "It's the year 2015, guys. Let's update the name of our Meatlover's Pizza with something more current. You know, something that'll resonate with the kids today." "I know. How about... EPIC MEATZ?" "Okay, so, let's create a sign that tells people using our rec center where to put used towels. But in a way that, you know, really speaks to the kids." "I know! We'll use that song all the kids on Vine are twerking to these days." "The University of Cincinnati needs us, everyone. How do we get the kids off their Twitters and into their top-ranking business school?" "No one turns down the chance to be... MBAWESOME." "We've got a new client. Owns a taco shop. He's looking for a hashtag, wants to go viral. What do you think, Cool Dad?" "Uh... #TacosFTW. Obviously." I HAVE NO JOKE TO MAKE FOR THIS ONE. THE SECOND-HAND EMBARRASSMENT IS BURNING THROUGH MY RETINAS. "Cool Dad, Target is about to get a shipment of the 20th anniversary remaster of 'The Truth About Cats And Dogs'. How do we make Janeane Garofalo relevant again?" "Don't worry. I got this. LOL." "Alright, Smirnoff advertising team. We're losing the Millennial market to Ciroc. How do we show kids we can be cool too, but without breaking #NetflixAndChill's implied copyright?" "How's about a little #StreamAndHang, homie?" "Quick, Cool Dad. Taco Bell needs a hip and current package design that illustrates how delicious their chicken quesadillaz are." "TACO BELL. I CAN'T EVEN RIGHT NOW." "So, Cool Dad, I'm sorry you've been demoted to Fortune Cookie writer, but we think you've got a skill, sir. You really know how to speak to the younger generation." [Insert Cool Dad being too busy writing EPIC FORTUNEZ to respond.] I hope all my bruhs here on Vingle found this card funny AF. Have you seen any epically dank advertisementz lately?