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A Guide to Making Beautiful Beaded Jewelry Using Tasbeeh Beads

People use tasbeeh beads for their spiritual jewelry, but these are also used as wonderful fashion jewelry. While the beads are not worn as regular jewelry, many people like to have one or two of them, perhaps in a necklace or bracelet, and they also like to make their own unique set of prayer beads. This is easy to do, since all you need are four or five different colors of glass beads, which you can buy inexpensively at a craft store. Once you have those, all you have to do is get some hot glue, a hot-glue gun, a wire, and a pair of tasbeeh pliers.

To make the tasbeeh jewelry, first you will want to get an inexpensive set of Muslim tasbeeh beads. Since you will be using these prayer beads for your tasbeeh, you will want to choose those that are relatively plain so that they will match any clothing, immerse into the water when you wear them, or stand out from other jewelry. It is not necessary to be very bright looking. It is also not necessary to be shiny either. You just need something plain to stand out, and still be able to pray silently with the beads.

Beautiful Muslim Prayer Beads

You can use different colored glass beads instead of the Muslim prayer beads, which will give your tasbeeh a more eclectic look. You could even use several different colors for all the beads in your bracelet or necklace. Just make sure that they all go together in some way. You could also mix the plain beads with a few different ones to get a different color to add to your jewelry.

Once you have all of your tasbeeh beads, you will want to purchase a hot-glue gun to help you attach the wire to the tasbeeh. You want to make sure that you have plenty of space between the beads for you to be able to fasten the wire. There is nothing worse than tight screws on things. Once the wire has been attached and the heat has been applied to the bead, you will be able to fasten the wire by using pliers.

Now that your necklace or bracelet has all of its beads attached, you will be able to finish your creation. After you have removed the wire, you will want to fill the hole with water. Once you have added enough water to cover the beads, you will be able to gently situate the beads into the hole. Be sure that the beads are going into the hole before you start heating the mixture.

Once the beans have cooled, you will need to attach them to the necklace or bracelet by using a hot-glue gun. To make things easier, you will want to place the beads on the hot-glue gun while they are still hot. Once the beans have cooled, you can remove them from the gun and place them where you want. If you are using an adhesive that does not easily get stuck to fabric, you will want to place the beads on wax paper prior to attaching it to the hot-glue gun. This will ensure that the adhesive does not damage the fabric of your bracelet or necklace.

Islamic Gifts Online Store

After you have completed your project, you will be left with beautiful Islamic shop online that you can use again. Since the beads are so cheap, you can buy several colors and mix and match them to create unique styles for your bracelet or necklace. Beads made of recycled glass beads are perfect for making unique handcrafted gifts. By using your imagination, you can come up with dozens of ways in which you can use tasbeeh beads to create beautiful jewelry and gifts.

As with any project, you should always use caution when working with prayer beads. The glass beads can be extremely fragile and should be treated with care. You should never place these beads in water. Also, you should take great care not to move the beads while they are hot. While you may be able to handle the beads for a short period of time, you should remove them immediately if you come in contact with them for any reason.
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Witches Fall From The Sky Not Because of Prayers But This Reason
We have heard a lot about witches and wizards falling from the sky like asteroids. The media has covered many such incidents. It happens in real life. But there are few secrets we don't know about yet. This world is full of mysteries. There are a lot of forces moving around us, but we can't see them. In this post, I want to make it known to you why witches fall from the sky without crediting it to your prayers. Oh no, it is not because of your prayers. I know this will not augur well for the prayer warriors. Your prayers at the midnight have a different dimension, but not to bring down a flying witch or wizard. I don't dispute the fact that prayers can bring down the stronghold of the Devil. Open your eyes well; witches could be found in churches praying, reading Bible, and praising God. How do they make it possible?... Don't be afraid for the Bible says no weapon forged against you will prosper in Isaiah 54:17. Understanding The Nature Of Witches In the spiritual realm of authority, witches are the less powerful creatures. They also happen to be the most notorious and troublesome people. A witch goes to her camp using her animality but not her true human nature. Possessing a 'witch spirit' is a willful choice. They love it because they can fly, kill, perform dirty wonders, etc. They keep their movement secret(They are in a real secret society) from us by pretending they love us. Hmmm... Why Witches Fall From The Sky Traffic In The Sky Now let me tell you about the two major reasons why witches sometimes fall from the sky. You will agree with me that; events like this rarely happen, But prayer warriors and other Christians pray every day and night. However, a prayer contains the power of God and that can strike down any evil spirit. That prayer doesn't bring down a witch who is enjoying her flight to her camp or a flight back home. This is about spiritual enlightenment. During the night; evil forces rise to operate in many different ways. There is a hierarchy in the spiritual realm and most of them become active during the night. Oh yes, I am talking about the rulers of darkness as the Bible said in Ephesians 6:12. There are particular hours witches and other spirits operate. That is from 12:30 am/1:30 am. I tell you the truth; they are time conscious. They never want to be late when going or coming. But sometimes the most unfortunate happens. Imagine this: A witch flew from her house to her witch camp. On her way, she meets a mermaid(Mami Wata)... Oh oh, that wouldn't be a pleasant moment for the witch for intercepting her master. The mermaid may choose to derail the witch or overlook at her interruption(offense). Now, the most relevant question is why "Mami Wata" at that hour?. Within those hours, occult pastors and other cultists who deal directly with powers in the Marine Kingdom are also busy chanting. They chant to communicate with those Marine spirits. The spirit may appear in the cultist's room. She will use the same path that witches and wizards use... Traffic, traffic. The wrong time on the side of the witch might be a disaster. The Mami Wata can decide to wallop the witch for intercepting her on the way. When this happens, she would be found on the ground during daybreak. Anger From The gods Witches and wizards could contracts lesser gods in our various communities to cause harm to their target. However, when a god becomes annoyed by the evil deeds of a witch; what do you think will happen?. Oh uh, the witch passed by to kill innocent souls. On her way back; the god can wallop her. This will make the witch drop to the ground like plugged coconut. Some of these gods hate seeing witches and wizards cause great harm in their communities. They probably receive libation, eats "3to" and eggs, feed on the blood of sacrificed goats, fowls, sheep, etc. And upon all these services and it keeps quiet; the inhabitants will blame and discredit its importance in the society. Some of these gods hate false accusations so they have to do justice to themselves. The next morning Mr. Wizard or Mrs. witch would be found on the ground. Be ready to read more inspirational messages and Bible verses to increase your faith and bring you genuine happiness, protection and peace of mind. Thank you for reading. If you are a Christian believer, you don't have to be afraid of these little rascals. God is bigger and all-powerful. But your prayer isn't to bring them down like this.
God’s Word – Junkyard Preacher
Reverend Barclay the Junkyard Preacher In 1944 when Reverend Elsworth Barclay came to America from Jamaica looking to spread God’s word. Certainly, no one could have guessed how he would change the Star Auto Junkyard forever. The story of this everyday hero is unbelievable…the greatest story NEVER told. The “Rev” was a minister who lived and breathed God’s message. Spreads God’s word One day when the “Rev” the Junkyard Preacher went to Star Auto Junk Yard at 61st and State Street in Chicago the owner asked him if he would come and give a church service to his employees because they must work on Sundays. As a result, he accepted. At 9:30 AM in the worst of weather, he would show and would give an inspiring message from his heart. Certainly, creating peace. Building an unlikely place of worship to preach God’s word With antiquated supplies, helpers came and helped set up. For example, they brought in tattered hymnals and discarded chairs. His message, “I believe God, not I believe IN God.” All say that his message was from the heart. He says that there are 66 books in the Bible. SO…Highway 66, one’s road map to God. In other words, the 66 books are one’s guide to live. Furthermore, One Man who relayed that he had not attended church in 20 years, but since he started attending The Star Auto Junk Yard service, he has not missed one after hearing reverend Barclay’s bring God’s word. Junkyard Preacher… Lastly, in this junkyard with old cars, twisted metal, hand-painted signs, and yes, a junkyard dog, he preached God’s word in his outdoor world to create peace. Church is not a building but what made him unique is that his ministry was outside. Most noteworthy, it is a great inspiring story of an everyday hero never told. Video Production: Rocko Productions Review Written By: M. Cardinal Date Written: Mar 24th, 2020 Your Everyday Hero: Reverend Barclay the Junkyard Preacher
Tips on Making Your Own Clear Bead Tasbeeh
The transparent bead is a unique design. It is a series of colorful, transparent beads strung together in a symmetrical pattern. This type of bead work originated in the ancient Middle East, and it was often used as a way to decorate buildings. It became popular in the West in the 20th century, when manufacturers started mass-producing them. They are now available in a large variety of styles, patterns, colors, and materials. While they are usually fairly plain, there are some ways you can spice up your transparent bead jewelry. One option is to make your own cystal prayer tasbih. Crystals are available in all different shapes and sizes, and many beads are available in several colors. If you are familiar with working with glass beads, then you can make your own transparent beads that will look great in your bracelet or necklace. ust make sure to choose a quality glass bead that is appropriate for the material you are using. Most manufacturers advise not to use anything other than clear glass beads in bracelets and necklaces, because crystal beads can sometimes retain fragments of dust. Another option is to purchase a transparent bead necklace or bracelet. You can find all sorts of beautiful crystal colored tasbeeh that will go great with your transparent bead jewelry. Be careful not to buy a cheap nylon chain, because these can sometimes come off easily and leave a threadbare appearance on your wrist. If you prefer to buy beads rather than making them, there are lots of options. There are crystal beads that can be bought in sets, including necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and brooches. These sets often come with a matching purse, which makes it easy to coordinate with your bracelet or necklace with your other accessories. Some manufacturers even offer sets of beads so you can start out with one style and have beads to match any outfit or mood. There are also lots of online retailers who sell transparent bead tasbeeh. You might want to check out the seller's website to get a good idea of the quality of the beads, the craftsmanship, and the cost. Make sure that the vendor has a return policy, in case the beads do not come out as you expected. This is an important step, especially if you are making large purchases online. Finally, another thing to consider when buying or making transparent jewelry is the type of material the beads are made of. Although fine quality gemstones are always a nice look, many women are choosing bracelets and other types of jewelry with beads that are more environmentally friendly. Beaded shades of turquoise, agate, chrysoprase, and nettle look very natural with most outfits, and they are available in many different sizes. Earth friendly jewelry might not be as pretty as beads made from natural materials, but they are safer for our planet and often better for the pocketbook, too.
Cara Merawat Jilbab, hijab, dan kerudung
1. Cucilah kerudung/jilbab/ hijab dengan cara manual menggunakan tangan dan hindari penggunaan mesin cuci. Untuk bagian kepala jilbab cukup diusap, jangan disikat dengan keras dan jangan diperas, biarkan air mengering secara alami. Untuk jenis bahan sutra atau katun cukup digosok-gosok saja dengan tangan dan tidak perlu disikat. Untuk jilbab yang berbahan sutera jangan pernah mencucinya dengan detergen atau sabun cuci, gunakanlah shampo. Caranya dengan mencelupkan jilbab pada air yang telah diberi shampo. 2. Jemur kerudung/jilbab/hijabmengunakan hanger. Untuk keawetan warna, jangan terkena sinar matahari langsung. Apapun bahan dari jilbab tersebut,jangan lupa untuk menjemur dengan posisi bagian dalamnya yang diluar. Perlu diperhatikan: kerudung/jilbab/hijab tidak perlu diperas pada saat menjemurnya. 3. Setrikalah dengan suhu sedang, jangan terlalu panas. Pada saat menyetrika jilbab jangan pernah pula menyetrika dacron atau busanya untuk jilbab yang berbentuk bergo,karena akan merusak bentuk dacron dan jangan menggunakan setrika yang panas untuk berbagai jenis bahan jilbab 4. Berikan pewangi pada kerudung/jilbab/hijab anda, agar terasa segar ketika digunakan. 5. Baik Kerudung maupun jilbab sebaiknya disimpan dalam lemari atau tempat khusus dan lipat dengan rapi. Jangan ditumpuk dengan pakaian lain, agar tidak kusut ketika akan digunakan. Alangkah baiknya jika kerudungan/jilbab/hijab diletakkan di gantungan kerudung. Selamat mencoba.
Tips merawat rambut untuk Hijabers
1. Sampo dan Kondisioner Cuci rambut Anda minimal seminggu 3 kali untuk menjaga rambut tetap bersih, harum, terawat. Pakailah sampo dan kondisioner ketika kamu keramas dan sesuaikan dengan jenis kulit kepala dan rambut kamu. 2. Biarkan rambut kering secara alami Setelah keramas, sebaiknya mengeringkan rambut secara alami saja. Resapkan rambut anda yang masih basah dengan handuk, secara lembut. Jangan menggosok-gosokkan rambut anda secara keras di handuk, hal ini malah akan membuat rambut menjadi rapuh. Hindari menggunakan alat pengering rambut (hair dryer) atau catok karena bisa membuat rambut kering bila perawatannya tidak rutin. 3. Gunakan sisir dengan ujung berbentuk bulat dengan gigi jarang Tujuan menggunakan sisir yang ujungnya berbentuk bulat dengan gigi yang jarang adalah agar senantiasa kulit kepala merasa lembut ketika disisir (tidak sakit) dan gigi jarang ini membuat rambut agar tidak tertarik-tarik oleh sisir (menghindari rontok saat disisir), sehingga rambut mudah rapi. Sisirlah dari pangkal rambut hingga ujung rambut dan pastikan rambut sudah kering dan tidak kusut sebelum mengenakan kerudung. 4. Pakai serum rambut Setelah rambut disisir rapi, pakailah serum rambut supaya rambut tidak mudah rontok dan rapuh. Oh ya, jangan mengikat rambut terlalu kencang bila akan mengenakan kerudung supaya rambut tidak mudah rusak dan kulit kepala menjadi sakit. 5. Melakukan creambath atau masker rambut Jangan lupa untuk tetap merawat rambut ke salon untuk melakukan creambath atau masker rambut minimal satu bulan sekali agar rambut tetap sehat dan berkilau. Kamu juga bisa perawatan rambut (creambath) sendiri dengan membeli krim creambath atau menggunakan bahan-bahan alami dengan meraciknya sendiri. sumber: