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Fans of the manga and drama Absolute Boyfriend have long hoped for a Korean live action adaptation of the story. Well, now it's officially in the works and coming soon to DramaFever! The drama is still in its early stages, so the most anticipated question of all is, "Who will be the next Absolute Boyfriend?" Here are 5 of the hottest Korean celebrities who would truly make the best boyfriends ever in this new series. In Absolute Boyfriend, Kim Ha Neul is a nearly 30-year-old woman who is a stylist at a beauty salon. She is dumped by her first love, who becomes a successful movie star overnight. Feeling betrayed, she resorts to ordering a robot to be her ideal boyfriend. Gradually the robot develops real feelings for her, and she seems to be falling in love with him as well, but can this unique kind of relationship truly last? Absolute Boyfriend is the Korean version of Zettai Kareshi, a Japanese manga and drama. The actor who is cast as the boyfriend robot must have a statuesque and robotic physique with a glimmer of intelligence and sensitivity behind his eyes. Here are 5 actors who could pull it off: 1. Kim Woo Bin Kim Woo Bin already proved he has perfected the whole hard on the outside, soft on the inside thing in Heirs, so we know he's ready to be a robot. 2. Kim Soo Hyun Kim Soo Hyun's recent character in My Love From Another Star was the perfect example of someone who is cold on the outside but gradually comes alive with love, so we already know he can do it. 3. T.O.P T.O.P's sexy, deep voice and cool demeanor just barely mask the depth in his eyes. Plus we've already seen that he can act in Iris. 4. Lee Min Ho In Faith, Lee Min Ho displayed the quiet and serious strength that would make him perfect for the role of a robot. 5. Choi Siwon And Choi Siwon, because abs.
Kim Woo Bin and Kim Soo Hyun.
my oppa hyun joong 4 mee only :D he shd be ;) <3
i gotta go with @dramacrazy on this one ... :D ... I mean Woo Bin's just well Woo Bin n he needs to get the girl ... like palli palli
lol @NurulQanitah I can understand his appeal to people, he's handsome but I can find so many more for a drama for ideal bfs....take a majority of kpops singers for example..
All of em r my absolute boyfriend
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