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What is Streetwear Fashion All About?

Be it the model off-duty look or the skater-boy aesthetic, all of us have unanimously come to embrace the streetwear style.

It is urban and contemporary and especially comfortable. The baggy tops streetwear with vintage prints and grunge look are an all time favourite. It has become a statement piece for band lovers or anime stans or pop culture enthusiasts to showcase their love with their t-shirts.

The colours are mostly black, white or grey, giving a solid base for the artwork to pop. But you can go for neon pop colours as well with tie-die patterns.

Acid washed ripped jeans are also a staple for bottom wear in street style fashion. Basically, it is making the most out of what you have rather than wearing luxury brand items. Many South Asian places like Japan and Korea are seeking inspiration from western fashion and giving it their own unique spin. Patchwork streetwear top and oversized hoodies are all gaining a lot of popularity.

Seeing models and celebrities rock the sweatpants and over sized truck jackets and hoodies have heightened the buzz for streetwear style.

It also has increased the demand for cool and trendy sneakers.

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