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Breakwinner Cycles is a Portland, Oregon born company with a focus on making daily beater steel bikes. Here is what Ira Ryan and Tony Pereira think about the bike and the ride. "Tony and I are proud to share Breadwinner Cycle's latest video, a tribute to my first-ever Oregon Outback ride. I rode 360 miles in 28 hours, 4 minutes, which meant not sleeping, seeing some amazingly rugged parts of Oregon and getting to know the Breadwinner B-Road. Riding the B-Road, I was the first rider to finish the Outback. Tony and I based the B-Road design on decades of riding gravel roads. Spending my youth training and riding on the rural roads of Iowa lead me to win the Trans Iowa gravel road race twice. We like to think the first ever Oregon Outback victory is proof that we know how to make a great gravel racer. The B-Road is a versatile, durable and fast adventure bike built with disc brakes, room for 40mm tires, fenders and light rack capability. While I prefer it for gravel roads, the B-Road works just as well as a fast commuter, light touring rig or a winter training bike." --Ira Ryan
Legs and balls of steel!
@BikeSnob refuels would be absolutely necessary cool! Thanks for sharing~~
@onesmile You got it. Even rides that are ~100 miles people bring food AND usually stop for a refuel of sorts
@TeamWaffles Small sandwiches, huh! I never would have thought that people would actually bring something that substantial along, but it makes sense considering how difficult this ride would be without some protein and substance.
@nokcha @onesmile It really depends on the rider and what their body needs at the moment. If they need sugar energy then honey sticks or gels work very well, if they need protein and substance than there are a number of things people bring. Many prefer small sandwiches.
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