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Maxi Dress to Prom Dress - A Review of the Best Dresses For Summer 08

It is obvious that dresses are essential for summer wear. They can be worn in hot weather and are cool and comfortable. There are many styles of summer dresses available, from maxi dresses to prom dresses. You can find a dress that suits any occasion. This article reviews the coolest and most fashionable summer dresses.
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Maxi Dress
Maxi dresses are long and flowing. Maxi dresses are everywhere this season to match all the key trends, including floral, Boho chic and floaty/ sheer. Maxi dresses are easy to wear, and cover up many problem areas like large hips or legs, or legs that aren't white enough. Maxi dresses can be worn for casual, formal, evening, and beach wear. Maxi dresses are versatile and can be tailored to your body.

Prom Dress
Vintage prom dresses are in fashion, no matter if you're going to prom or simply want to dress up for a night out. You can show off your shoulders and highlight larger hips by wearing a classic prom dress with or without petticoats.

Floral Tea Dress
Tea dress refers to a traditional style of below-the- knee floral summer dress that has short sleeves and is slightly flared at the waist. You should look for delicate floral prints made of chiffon, cottons, and satins. Wear a vintage-style petticoat with the Tea Dress for a truly stunning look. The best thing about the Tea Dress? It suits most women almost every time. It is versatile enough to be worn in a variety of settings, such as a wedding or christening.
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Romantic Ruffle Dress
Ruffles are all the rage this season and it's hard to find a better way to wear them then on a romantic, girly, feminine ruffle gown. The key colours on the catwalks were whites and sugar pinks. However, you can find romantic ruffle dresses in any colour this season on high-street. Ruffles can be used to highlight your best assets. Wear ruffles around your neckline to frame your face and ruffles around your hemline for great legs. For special occasions when you want to express your feminine side, a romantic ruffle gown is a great choice.

Fifties Style Dress
Summer 08's key look is the full-skirted fifties style dress, as seen on Prada's catwalk. This style is elegant, classic, and feminine. There are many styles and beautiful patterns available, so make sure you find the one that suits you best. The fifties style dress is best for taller women and can be used to cover up pear shapes.

Sheer/ Chiffon Dress
Another versatile summer dress is the sheer dress. Perfect for dressing up at any occasion. A sheer or chiffon dress has the beauty of being able to skim your curves. It is extremely flattering and elegant. There are many styles to choose from, just like with summer dresses. A long sheer or chiffon chiffon gown is best for formal occasions. For dancing, a shorter chiffon style dress may be better.
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