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Today's offering is French band Yelle's track 'Que Veux-Tu'. Yelle, which is actually a band with three members headed up lead vocalist Julie Budet (aka Yelle), shot to fame in 2005 with their mock-diss track 'Je Veux Te Voir' - also totally worth checking out! Described as "Euro dancefloor-friendly synth pop", Yelle is so much more than that. I love listening to their never fails to put a smile on my face! Also I secretly love the fact that, since I'm in Korea these days, I can sing along to their songs without anyone knowing what I'm saying...if you check the lyrics to these songs you'll get what I mean!
@nokcha I've seen the translations hahaha so funny (especially 'Je Veux Te Voir')
@funkystar25 idk if you know what the lyrics mean but a girl played it in my french class for me teacher and our teacher was so embarrassed hahaha look up the translation ;)
I love her! A Cause de garcons is so catchy^^
@funkystar25 there is a great remix of this song by Madeon as well~
@nisfit A Cause de Garçons is good but my favourite is definitely Je Veux Te Voir
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