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Scents and Sensibility is a Lifetime movie aired in 2012 that was essentially a modern adaptation of Sense and Sensibility by Jane Austen. My recommendation right now is to SKIP THIS MOVIE. Skip it. Don't do it. Unless you're in the mood for an incredibly insipid, stupid rom-com. Then you might want to keep reading. The premise of this movie is that sisters Elinor and Marianne have to get jobs after their father is sent to prison for fraud. Their mother needs them to get money to help pay for their ill sisters medications. The usual roster of events then occur: job hunting goes poorly, stupid humor ensues, find bottom-of-the-barrel jobs, don't do well at them, more stupid humor, and then they somehow fall in love and happily ever after occurs. Betcha didn't see that coming. Overall, it was a below average rom-com. I really couldn't get past the fact that Marianna was a college graduate, but incredibly unintelligent (doesn't know how to make a copy, yet employed to do so) but also in her free time makes organic, natural remedy lotions? These lotions are the main interest of the movie: their creation causes others to scheme to steal the formula, which is all but magical in its uses, and happily!! one of the girls' patent lawyer boyfriend is able to help save the day. Overall, the movie was just forced, awful, and not really Austen. Sure, the same characters appeared with the same basic plot, but overall, its really not with your 2 hours (including commercials!)
@onesmile @Kimbler agreed~~ let's just leave it!
@timeturnerjones Let's just stay far~far~away from this kind of remake @onesmile
@Kimbler I definitely agree, not worth watching! @onesmile I agree-the story isnt many peoples favorites and it seens hard to make into a likeable movie.
my mom is a lifetime fan but ive thankfully escaped this one. sense and sensibility doesnt seem like the type of book to be easily adaptable
Ugh, I saw part of this movie and absolutely hated it!!! Such a stupid com....