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A project out of Google's Advanced Technologies and Products group--this animation is amazing! I love the way the ballet is animated within the clip. Really, its the whole project (regardless of the dance!) that's awesome. The Duet is just a short that is part of the CGI movie they're working on! I'm so excited to see where it will go--Glean Keane's work is amazing.
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This is touching--the flow of her body while she leaps is really beautiful
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@nehapatel Agree! I have watched this so many times!
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I love Keane!!! Nothing will beat The Little Mermaid for me but this is stunning :)
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Sweet animation but it still feela incomplete. ..cant wait to see more!
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@hikaymm @onesmile the final product will probably (hopefully!!) be just as beautiful as The Little Mermaid.
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