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We've all been there; that moment when everyone is leaving and you're not quite ready to go...or that time when someone is talking way too fast and you have no idea what they're saying...or when you're stuck behind two people who are occupying the entire width of the pavement and walking really slowly - I could go on. Today, we're upping the difficulty because in Korean, there are two phrases for this - that's right, you'll be learning two phrases today. The first is 잠깐만요 [ jam-kkan-man-yo ] and the second is 잠시만요 [ jam-so-man-yo ]. Both of these phrases literally mean 'just a second' but when trying to move through a crowd or pause someone talking, they can also mean 'excuse me'. While these two phrases aren't necessarily essential, they are very useful and you will hear them a lot while out and about in Korea.
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What is the difference between the two phrases? How do you know which one to use when? Thanks these are very helpful!!~ ^.^