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Agarbatti Fragrances specially curated to Rejuvenate your Senses and Calm your Soul.

Cowkart's Cow Dung Agarbatti, made from pure cow dung and pure desi ghee along with natural herbs purifies the surroundings and spiritualizes the ambience.

CowKart strives to re-develop the ‘vedic' concept and the wisdom that has sustained the test of time and passed on to us over to us as the treasures of our civilizations for many years. It is a tradition in India to light agarbattis every morning and evening in houses. This is done to spread fragrance and usher in good energy. It is believed that scented fumes will ward off unpleasant omens and odors alike. Cowkart's agarbattis are prepared using pure cow dung and ghee to create the aura and scent of a yagna in your house.

The lighting of this agarbatti will produce the same fragrance of a Hawan Yagna, which is a extremely beneficial for physical and spiritual well being. Being made from all natural ingredients, the dhoop is chemical and charcoal free which is good for physical and spiritual well- being.

Made with natural essential oils and 0 percent charcoal content, indulge in the Soothing aroma of agarbattis by Cowkart. These are even suitable for gifting. Add more aroma to your loved one’s life by getting them these fragrance sticks on occasions such as Diwali, Rakhi and other festive events.

This agarbatti fragrance permeates your house – your house where you reside, and your inner soul where you exist!

Spread the aura of purity in your house

It has always been believed that burning agarbatti in the home removes negativity and also removes the bad effects of vastu doshas. So you can lit up these sticks to overcome many negative effects around you and to surround yourself with positive energy.

Agarbatti has a place in every household, mainly for the aroma they spread. But this wasn’t its prime purpose. Because, our ancestors had a more scientific reason for the use of Dhoop sticks at home. The organic and real agarbatti were made using the Desi cow’s dung and ghee. Free from harmful chemicals, it is said to create a positive aura and cleanse the environment. It also acts effective in driving away mosquitos.

Some more benefits of Cowkart's agarbattis include:

Acts as an effective organic insect-repellent.
Cleanses or purifies the air around us, and to ward off bad energy. They are natural air fresheners.
Cow dung smoke has many therapeutic benefits for the human mind. Agarbatti soothes you.
CowKart's cow dung agarbatti fragrance can elevate your spirits and relax you, helping you drift into sleep!

All in all…

Made with all natural ingredients, Cowkart's agarbatti is free from chemicals and charcoal and leaves a naturally fragrant and pure air. It awakens your consciousness and fills your entire surroundings with pleasant and positive energy
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