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Top Best Basketball Shoes With Good Ankle Support

Injuries are common when participating in basketball tournaments. You can avoid these problems by using basketball shoes with ankle support.
There are many styles of basketball shoes available. There are many types of basketball shoes on the market, but not all shoes offer equal ankle support.
Scott Fujita will show you how to select the high ankle basketball shoes. We'll also be reviewing the best-rated shoes for 2021.
Let's get into the details!


Product Highlights
Li-ning basketball shoes are not well-known, but its Power and Wave lines of basketball shoes are very competitive. The Power VII is one of our favorite high-ankle basketball shoes.
The Power VII's multi-layered upper provides total support for the feet. The full-length cloud padding makes it stand out. This basketball shoe is ideal for landing hard.
There's more! Li-ning, a stabilizer embedded in the midsole arch, improves stability and provides support. Lightweight foam midsole technology allows you to wear the shoe for longer periods without worrying about foot fatigue.
A unique polymer was used to produce the Li-ning Power VII. It's ideal for storing and releasing energy at takeoff.
Rubber outsoles have a traction pattern to improve grip. The toe tips are made of dense mesh material that allows for ventilation and helps reduce injuries during intense exercise.
Li-ning Bounse+ technology allows you to make vertical jumps. It has high flexibility and resistance to compression.
For good ankle support, high slit design
Stabilization device embedded in the body
Cushioning technology that is light and responsive.
Improved flexibility.
Anti-slip traction design.
It is not suitable for narrow feelings.
Bottom line
In 2021, the Li-ning Power VII basketball shoe is the best for ankle support. This shoe's design is striking and will make you stand out on the court.
The Li-ning Power VII is half the price of high-end shoes. Try it out and feel the difference.
Product Highlights
LeBron Soldier XIII SFG's standard traction is what makes it unique. Nike uses no gimmicks, except for the solid rubber herringbone traction sole.
This shoe will suit you whether you are outdoors or indoors. The rubber sole of the basketball shoe for ankle is thick. This is a rare find in an age where shoe manufacturers compete to reduce the weight.
The shoe's midsole is bulky and can feel difficult at first. However, the Zoom Air forefoot and heel performed well.
Zoom Air parts have a little springiness to them when they are in use. You will feel a bit of bounce as you move.
The LeBron Soldier XIII SF is primarily focused on impact protection, particularly for ankle support. It will sink slightly for heavy players but I find it stable overall. The transition between the sections of the foot is very neat, even though some people may not like the midsole raising their foot too high from the ground.
These shoes fit true to size. This is something I love. LeBron Soldier XIII's strap is simple to use and has a neat design. The shoes will not feel loose.
Amazing traction.
Cushion that is well-balanced.
Excellent fit and lockdown
Delicate material.
Solid support for the ankles
The midsole is quite uncomfortable.
Bottom line
LeBron Soldier III is a great choice if you're looking for Nike basketball sneakers with ankle support in 2020. This shoe is a great all-around shoe and will suit the needs of both blacktops and hardwood players.
Product Highlights
The Air Jordan XXXV is a great basketball shoe for ankle support.
This shoe is a perfect combination of modernity and tradition. This is one of Nike’s greatest strengths.
To meet modern demands, the main body construction uses textiles and synthetics. These basketball shoes are light, breathable and easy to move. This is a perfect compliment to the suede panels at the sides.
The fully covered leather heel offers additional protection in high-pressure areas.
While the material of the midsole may not be any different, its design is. You can feel the difference immediately after you put it on.
The Zoom Air unit closed should give the Air Jordan XXXV a more toned forefoot. The surrounding foam is partly responsible.
Instead of using the regular hex part as the previous model, the heel now has a full-size Zoom Air unit. This creates an Air experience that is complete with quite a lot of support.
The Air Jordan XXXV's excellent ankle support is remarkable. All you have to do is tie your shoelaces.
Flywire shoelaces and the Eclipse 2.0 version will give you absolute horizontal certainty. The padding at your ankle is very thick and has an internal heel counter that will keep you foot in place.
Basketball shoes that are light weight
Rubber soles that last.
Shoes with high tops for support of the ankle
High impact protection
Retro design.
It is important to check the dimensions.
Bottom line
The Air Jordan XXXIV was a huge success and its heir did a great job. We think you won't be interested in XXXV, even though it isn't obvious.
If you are looking for a shoe that locks down the heel or has full wrap around the sole, this is the one for you.
Product Highlights
The Air Jordan 1 Mid SE's distinctive design reminds us of 1985's first AJ. Nike has updated the colors to make it more flattering.
This shoe is great for basketball shoes with ankle support. It can be worn every day with many different outfits.
It is remarkable that the Air-Sole component weighs relatively little. It's a blend of natural and synthetic materials that gives it an iconic look.
This shoe was designed by Nike with durability in mind and the best quality materials.
These shoes are very close to your ankle. These basketball shoes provide excellent ankle support.
For added durability, Nike reinforced the ankle braces using genuine leather. Although it takes some time for the leather to become comfortable, it is well worth it.
Air Jordan 1 Mid SE's classic cushioning is air-based, making landing on hard surfaces and jumping easier.
This shoe's deep groove will give you better grip. We recommend that you use it outdoors, not indoors.
These shoes are high-top.
The top is made of genuine leather.
Secure closure.
There are many deep paths.
There is a pivotal point.
Extra heel cushion.
It lacks breathability.
Bottom line
For anyone who is looking for a high-top basketball shoe with ankle support, the Air Jordan 1 Mid SE will be a great choice. This is the top basketball shoe for ankle support in 2021.
While the original intention of the shoe was to provide ankle support, it has been adapted to work on outdoor courts. Nike is proud to have included these great features.
Product Highlights
Scottie Pippen, a NBA player, chose the Air Maestro to make him famous. It's easy to see that the Air Maestro provides excellent support for the ankle with its turtleneck design.
These shoes feature an all-leather inside and intricate design. This basketball shoe's lacing system is asymmetrical. It also has a bootie in the inside.
The ankle strap provides excellent support by providing a snug fit and good support. The Rubber outsole is strong and the Air-Sole is light when moving.
Nike also adds ventilations with Max Air units that provide extra cushioning in your heel to keep you cool for longer. Air Maestro is a top-rated basketball shoe for ankle support.
The product's durability is enhanced by the durable leather upper and composite coating. Although the Air Maestro is large in size, they are light because of the Phylon material used for cushioning the midsole. It has an excellent grip because the traction pattern is herringbone-shaped.
Reliable and durable
Comfortable cushioning.
Perfect lockdown
Excellent performance.
Shoes that provide excellent support for the ankle.
It can be difficult to wear.
Bottom line
Some people complain that the Air Maestro is a little difficult to carry. Once you put your feet into the shoes, the protection is amazing.
Product Highlights
WeLRUNG Velcro is an option if the above options are too expensive. This is a great gift idea for teenagers or boys who are just starting to play basketball.
This shoe's outer layer is made of a rubber material, which provides durability and good elasticity. It also has good grip and friction, so you won't feel slippery while using it. The shoes have ventilation holes that increase their breathability. If your feet sweat heavily, you won't feel any discomfort.
Velcro protects your feet better, so you don't have to worry if you get ankle injuries. WELRUNG Velcro's braces for the ankle are strong and provide better support. It is great for everyday wear. The Velcro is available in trendy black gold.
Reasonable price
Stylish design.
Rubber outsole.
True to size
Excellent breathability
There isn't enough information.
Bottom line
The WELRUNG Velcro is an excellent choice for people on a budget. Despite its low price, the shoe's features are excellent. It is worth the effort!
Product Highlights
Our final choice is the PEAK Lou Williams. Because it's a mid-cut shoe, it's the most elegant design.
Its greatest strength is its affordable price. Even better, the shoe's price doesn't diminish any of its key features. It is a great investment. The integrated weave is one of the best selling features of this pair. These shoes are very durable.
Thanks to their honeycomb traction and comfortable construction, the PEAK Lou Williams offers speed and mobility. It is also great to have a raised midsole.
True to size
Excellent price
Proper stabilization.
There are many colors to choose from
It is easy to move.
So-so impact protection.
Bottom line
It is important to mention that the PEAK Lou Williams midsole area is quite stiff despite all its great features. This adds an extra level of rigidity to the shoes that some may not appreciate. These shoes are excellent, but they don't offer much in the way of shock absorption and impact resistance.

The Best Basketball Shoes for Ankle Support: What You Need to Look For

While ankle support is a must in a basketball shoe it's not the only thing that matters. These other features should be considered when you are shopping for a new model.
Extra material can be added to many supportive basketball shoes, adding comfort and support. You should look for shoes that include padding or cushion in different areas of the shoe's design. They will be easier to push off and land on during practice or games.
Shoes with arch support and heel security are also worth looking out. These features reduce general discomfort. This is possible by using lightweight or flexible uppers.
Basketball is a hot sport, especially for those who play outside. You need shoes that are breathable, no matter how long you spend on the court. If you play for long periods, you need to ensure that your shoe has good ventilation.
Look out for mesh or porous uppers that let heat escape. This is why soft, flexible constructions are important. These characteristics reduce sweating and keep you from getting too hot. Open designs and special cutouts can also help in this regard.
A sneaker that costs a lot does not necessarily mean it will suit all your needs. While there are many high-end models that look great and offer excellent support, they don't always provide the best ankle protection. There are also many affordable models that will keep your ankles protected.
First, determine how much money you are willing to spend on a new shoe. Then, find shoes that fit within your budget. Although it might seem tempting to spend a lot on the latest model, there are many excellent options that will not break the bank.


Do high-top shoes work better for basketball?
High-heeled shoes are more comfortable for basketball players, as they prevent ankle twisting. Basketball players are quick and can twist their ankles more easily. High-top shoes are great for support and fit around the ankles.
Basketball shoes are good for supporting the ankles
Basketball shoes are usually high-top and perfectly fit. These shoes are made to be comfortable and provide support for the ankles while you're performing fast moves in sports.
Are NBA players known to tape their ankles?
To prevent ankle injuries, most NBA players tape their ankles. Basketball requires quick, low movements that place most stress on the ankles. They also intend to strain their ankles. To prevent injury, NBA players tape their ankles.
Are high-top basketball shoes able to prevent ankle sprains?
Yes! Basketball shoes with high tops provide the best support for your ankle and protect you from ankle sprains. It is important to strengthen your ankle muscles. High-top shoes are the best choice to prevent ankle strains if your sport involves quick, low movements.


It is difficult to find a basketball shoe that provides ankle support. It is important to consider the design aspects, but not neglect the most essential features.
We hope you find the information in this article helpful. Please share your selections with us.