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Introducing Match.com Mobile
Quick Facts - The most widely-used online dating site in the world with nearly 1.8 million subscribers. - 75% of users come from the USA, followed by the UK with 6%. - Most users have some or no college education. - Users tend to search for matches based on their school. - Males are slightly underrepresented. How does it work? First, create a profile, then the website will use the information to help you find a the right match. You can also take matters into your own hands and use their search engine to find people with certain interests like “dog-lover” or “loves Indian food,” or their background, age, location, etc. match.com will send you new personalized matches every day! You can check out your potential matches and send them a “wink,” instant message, or email to set up a date! How much does it cost? $17.99 per month for a basic 6 month subscription. $19.99 per month for a bundle 6 month subscription which includes a highlighted profile and the ability to see if your email has been read. Be sure to read over the terms of service (http://goo.gl/6x0BTV) before giving out your credit card info! What do the experts say? Match guarantees you will find love or your money back. It is well known and therefore attracts a wide demographic, allowing you to widen your dating pool or limit it with their advanced matching system. Match.com has a very healthy budget for tweaks and features, which is obvious as soon as you click on a link to visit the site. A snazzy layout, easy-to-use search features and numerous magazines, newsletters and advice columns round out the already jam-packed site. Few dating sites compare to Match.com in terms of percentage of active users finding what they’re looking for.
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I knew that online dating was a big thing, but I had no idea one site alone would have nearly 2 million users!
@Nisfit I had no idea either until I researched. I was curious because of all these new sites you're hearing about. I want to look into how many people are on multiple dating sites. It must get expensive!
@Sjeanyoon I wonder how they guarantee that. Or if they've ever had a divorced couple come to them for their Match.com money back haha