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This video is so awesome! The video documents a hikers journey through the alpine rock routes in the Sierra, British Colombia, and the Northwest Territories while recovering from frostbite. Frostbite can really scare and cripple hikers, and recovery can be hard. But this is an awesome showcase of the difficulties, thrills and adventure of hiking! Get inspired, go hiking!
This is so beautiful, makes me want to grab my hiking boots! Thanks happyrock^^
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I want to go, too @galinda Even though it looks difficult, it looks so fun I want to try
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I am so nervous throughout this video, even though I know its supposed to be about the rebuilding and recovery
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@galinda No problem! Happy to share~~ @Kimbler @onesmile It is difficult, and nerve-wracking, but people work for months and months preparing for this kind of journey!
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@happyrock I'll just start small, I guess!
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