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This video created by Story Corps is almost a simple look into the acceptance, or rejection, of homosexuality in a family setting. It's touching, and warm, and also very, very sad. The father in this scenario--a true story shared with the organization--kicks out his son for being gay. Beyond that, he tells his other children stories: they will "catch the gay" if they speak with him. They learned, in some ways, to avoid their brother because the stories they were told taught them that he was a danger to their lives. Storycorps tells us that this difference was overcome--the entire family reconnects after they all become estranged from their father. But still, this doesn't mean that they didn't feel the effects of the story's attempts at socializing them into being against homosexuality: the father's words shaped the environment that they were in. Whether or not they ultimately fell into the pattern of socialization being shared with them, they felt its effects. The stories that we are raised in, ultimately, effect us. In this case, the brothers reconnected: the stories may have shaped their perception, but it shaped them in a way that led to estrangement with their father, rather than estrangement with their homosexual brother.
@ryantadman Definitely. Sexuality differs between areas and houses, so that progress is slow to be a cohesive movement, I think.
@greggr @hikaymm Yes; its a relief that he was able to help his siblings see that perhaps their father's ideas were wrong.
I still can't believe that young men and women are being forced out of their homes because of their sexuality. I am happy to see the progress this community is making, but we still have so much farther to go.
@nehapatel I like this story a lot ;; like you said, what we are raised with effects us a lot. But those affects can be positive too!
@nehapatel Its amazing that the younger siblings were able to see around these stories beyond told to them. Remarkable tale. Thanks for sharing.