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I have reached a stage in my life where I can't communicate without emojis. How am I supposed to properly express my happiness without the help of thumbs up, big smile, and dancing girls? Why would I tell you I don't care about the story I just heard when I could just send you the nail polish emoji? Emojis have become a part of our modern language, whether we like it or not. And now it seems as if emojis are making their way into the physical world. Check out Liza Nelson's emoji mockups and share this with your friends. Emojis attached obv.
Hahah, this is a great idea. Love it, but they should have done more!
Wow, emoticons really HAVE taken over our lives...
This is fantastic: the body shows emoticons so well :)
I've seen this before but its still so funny!
@pipeline I love the photoshop work ahaha @nokcha I really wish I could calm down with my emoji use, but its so easy!
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