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Funny,I was so mad that I unfollowed BIG and Hong Sisters. They had it coming,this frustration from fans worldwide.
@shidahadam they do switch back.. the one in check shirt is kyung joon.. it is actually n supposedly shin won ho... they didn't show his face or any cozy scene... bcoz unlike us fans.. there is a whole lot of drama watchers who won't be much supportive of a teacher student romance.. c'mon.. don't be so pessimistic.. its a happily everafter.. in a vague wierd orthodox representation!! selfish.. who???
and i will delete all the songs as well... nvr have i seen such a selfish person!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i don care if all u fans hate me. happy are all of u? wtf!!! they nver swtich bck.. i hate this show.. i'm going 2 delte everything n act like i have never since this ever b4 in my whole.. B%^%$^% and ass^^&%^