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Wedding bells are ringing!
I chanced upon this beautiful wedding pictures - when I get married I hope it will be as beautiful tooooo.... source: http://binabrakken.wordpress.com
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When you do get hitched,I hope you will have a beautiful and blessed wedding with the love of your life.
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thank you soooo much sarah!!! i hope so toooooo hehehe. but its so sad that nowadays, weddings seem like just a romantic concept - there are so many broken hearts and divorces and everything :(
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You need to know someone with the same interests for a start and see how it turns out as the relationship develops. One thing,sad though,the sparks slowly fades once in in a marriage if one doesn't works hard to maintain the love for each other. It's always commitments for most of us. Make time for each other and remember to be faithful.
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