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We've all seen those surreal, clearly photo shopped, images that are impressive, but fake. While they may not impress on the realism scale, they're not simply computer manipulations. Some photographs like Erik Johansson spend countless hours actually creating models and photographing each individual piece of the final creation. Check out his behind-the-scenes look at how he created on of his surreal images, Landfall!
235 layers, jeez louis. That must have taken a whole heck of a long time.
@dillonk it definitely seems like it was quite the process! impressive work for sure
@dillonk Definitely--I'm sure you can take the pieces in just a few minutes, but it seems like everything it takes to make those pieces fit each other is the really long part--heck, he takes a few of the actual photographs in no time!
Yeah, all the current photoshop wizzes take multiple photographs to use as a "source" of sorts for the final image, similar to what is done here. Making it all look right is what is time intensive
@kristenadams glad you like it! It's definitely not what I expectes--I always imagine it to all be computerized
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