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<Introducing the 2014 Q3 Moderators>
Hello Vinglers, We are excited to announce the 2014 Q3 Vingle Moderators (http://www.vingle.net/posts/379284)! As previously outlined, the Moderators will promote the growth of the Interest Community that they and their fellow Vinglers love. From July 1st to September 30th, 2014, Moderators will bear a lot of responsibility, so we ask all Vinglers to extend their gratitude and aid to the Moderators of their Interests. We have introduced two new features this quarter: Interest Staff (hhttp://www.vingle.net/posts/381569) and Sticky Cards (http://www.vingle.net/posts/381577) We hope that these features will help Moderators continue to build and improve their communities here on Vingle. As we look to consistently improve the Interest Moderator system, we urge Vinglers to feel free to give us feedback and suggestions for future improvements (http://www.vingle.net/posts/379284). The 2014 Q3 Vingle Moderators are: Photography (http://www.vingle.net/interest/Photography) - @dillonk Bicycling (http://www.vingle.net/interest/Bike) - @BikeSnob Men's Fashion (http://www.vingle.net/interest/Fashion-for-Men) - @styleisking Fitness (http://www.vingle.net/interest/Fitness) - @Nisfit Health (http://www.vingle.net/interest/Health) - @flymetothemoon Love & Relationship (http://www.vingle.net/interest/Love-Relationship) - @kristenadams Books (http://www.vingle.net/interest/Books) - @timeturnerjones Creative Writing (http://www.vingle.net/interest/Creative-Writing) - @greggr Fishing (http://www.vingle.net/interest/Fishing) - @mcgraffy Korean Dramas (http://www.vingle.net/interest/korean-dramas) - @lili Travel (http://www.vingle.net/interest/Travel) - @traveller Japanese Anime (http://www.vingle.net/interest/Japanese-Anime) - @n3xt Video Games (http://www.vingle.net/interest/Video-Games) - @TeamWaffles Learn Chinese (http://www.vingle.net/interest/Learn-Chinese) - @acrossthesea Philosophy (http://www.vingle.net/interest/Philosophy) - @ryantadman Dance (http://www.vingle.net/interest/Dance) - @Kimbler Quotes (http://www.vingle.net/interest/Quotes) - @amog32 Inspirational Stories (http://www.vingle.net/interest/Inspirational-Stories) - @Sjeanyoon Congratulations, Moderators!
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Whoo! Super excited to be working in the video game interest! Congratulations to everyone else! :D
Happy to be moderating fashion for men! Hope to be able to grow the community well
Hooray!!! I'm so excited to see what I can do with books :) Congrats, editors! Let's all work together~
I think I was made to moderate the bike interest. @timeturnerjones Let's definitely all work together!:)