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Photogravure is photographic developing process that involves mechanically developing images. First coming about in the 1830s and later refined and popularized in the 1870s. In the photogravure process metal plates are coated with light-sensitive material, exposed to UV light, inked, and run through an etching press. The resulting intaglio prints have exceptional tonal range and detail, are rich in their black inks, and archive well (which means they will last!). Laurie's ongoing series "Internal Topographics" take the viewer through a journey through Laurie's life, depicted in portraits and still lifes. "Most recently, I began a series of photogravures, which continue an exploration of self and navigation, braiding my past to my present journey as an artist. Appropriately, the photogravure process itself is a journey into the history of printing, and the direct involvement and living imperfection of the artist’s hand. Internal Topographics is an unfinished series incorporating self-portraits and photographic objects created and layered over the past several years, as well as collected maps and objects from the places I have lived during this time. The layers of the landscape as expressed through lines along maps remind me of the layers of my own skin and muscle and tendons, of the visible and invisible record of age and time collected within. The bottles stand as pauses along the journey. They are filled with maps from the places I called home, along with collected residual bits of dirt and sand."
Exactly! I'm glad you enjoyed the work :) @onesmile
The layering over other papers and objects that matter to him help enhance the works to a more meaningful level! Very cool
The maps are definitely a really interesting element; nice works!
Never heard of photogravure, very interesting process type. I like the connection she makes between her life and topographic maps. Interesting
@dillonk thank you for sharing it! I'm always impressed by the works you find.