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Henry Fox Tablot is marked with the invention of salt prints. Salt prints are known for their soft highlights and unique faint purple tone. The process involves hand coating a sheet of paper with a mixture of distilled water and table salt (sodium chloride). They making it light sensitive by applying silver nitrate. A negative is then contact printed onto the paper and exposed to UV light. Danielle is able to push not only the boundaries of what we typically see in the photographic medium, but also in relation to the context of his artist statement Danielle is able to push the boundaries of what we define as kin. Danielle's 'Kindred Systems' comments on how we as a society define relationships, especially among kin. The photographic prints display geometric shapes, portraits, or both together. We begin to see a relationship between the geometric figures in relation to human figures, which eventually allows the geometric figures to stand on their own. Here is what Danielle has to say about the work: "Kindred Systems hopes to pave the way for a fresh discourse about the long outdated methods of how we socially define kin, yet all the while, systemically reevaluating the constructs of ‘family’. Derived from the term, “kinship system”, the work looks to reanalyze and contextualize personal interconnectivity in a modern era where the definitions of family and friends are blurred. How have these relationships been affected by shifts in modern sexual, social, and political change? From the legalizing of same sex marriage to the nation’s growing curiosity of non-monogamy, and the increasing divorce rate which beckons the reconfiguration of the standard family model. Where does this leave how we look at each other on an individual level? The historical photo process used playfully satirizes by drawing connections to the antiquity of the pseudo-sciences, as well as, offering alternatives in rethinking how we love."
This is freaking awesome. I really like how the work begins to stand alone without an 'physical subject' present
Glad you like the works. Yes the purples are so dark that they are hardly noticeable. @caricakes
I wouldnt have even noticed the purple tones without you mentioning it. Thanks for sharing these.
Exactly! @hunahuna