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British photographer Rizwan Mirza has created a stunning collective of color palette satisfying photographs. Rizwan’s project, A Distant Horizon , is a color saturated, stripped-down series of ocean images. When combined, the result is a stunning palate of hues and horizons. Rizwan doesn't talk much about his work, so I won't either. Here is what Rizwan says about 'Distant Horizons': "We inhabit a world of shifting boundaries but some still remain as firm as ever, designed to hold us in or to keep others out, if not physically then at least in our perception. The sharp-edge of the sea horizon has always been a tempting proposition, inviting the viewer to imagine what they might find there – playing to hopes and fears as they approach the unknown. A Distant Horizon is an observation into a familiar horizon line, which has always been reassuringly visible and present, asking the viewer the question what happens if it were to disappear."
My dad is a pilot and he would always tell me stories about how dangerous it can be if you're flying over the ocean and you can't tell the difference between the sky and the ocean, Whenever I look out at the horizon (I live near the ocean) I check to see what the flying conditions are. I love this project because I can almost hear my dad telling me which sky is safe for pilots. Thanks for sharing! (ps the 4th and 6th are NOT good flying conditions) :)
Oddly satisfying work, it is really very minimal though, haha
@caricakes That is so interesting, and just goes to show that art is so subjective to the viewer. You have this connection with the photographs, that I would never have because of things that have influenced your life. By the way, that sounds incredibly terrifying and I can see how dangerous it would be!