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Fish name: Pike. Muskie. US location: One of the two can be found in most states, with the exception of southern states. Why is it dangerous?: Any fish that can eat ducks should be considered a danger, right? Should I be worried?: Eh, not really. Even if they can eat ducks, that doesn't mean they can really harm you. You biggest worry with muskies and pike shouldn't be about their teeth, but about the chance of a flying hook. Take care to release the fish properly, and you'll both go home safely. Don't be careless when removing the hook, or you'll cut yourself on its teeth or gill plate.
@happyrock that sounds good!! I'll be waiting for it ^-^
@fallingwater it's a bit complicated; how about I work on putting together some info about it for you?
What does it take to release a fish like this safely? I wouldn't even know what to do to avoid its teeth @happyrock