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Alyssa was pursuing a career in investment banking until she decided to pursue her passion of photograph instead. She recently graduated from the New England School of Photography. Alyssa works in fine art black and white, fine art color, and documentary style photography. She also works in both analog and digital formats. Here is what Alyssa says about her work 'Once Seen': "Each day, between the joys and challenges of living, small moments present themselves to me, causing me to stop what I am doing to marvel or wonder. Whether out to the movies with my family or walking my dog in the backyard, I find these occurrences that hint at something beyond the subject, something enigmatic that binds us together. This selection of photographs is a visual poem, capturing a singular human experience. The recognition of an image I want to capture occurs when a visual cue triggers a memory, a thought, a dream. I then decontextualize my subject within the frame in order to focus on a movement, a light, or a color. By being present to my surroundings, a heightened level of awareness is achieved. When this happens, I am acutely aware of the mysterious world we live in. The magic in every day, once seen, remains with me, creating veneration for all that I will never know about this life. By capturing these images, I have a greater appreciation for the beauty of our existence."
@pipeline I am more inspired by her story than her photographic ability. So I agree to a certain extent
Like she said, each of these photos must have a meaning for her, but I feel like I could have taken some of these myself and I dont consider myself to be a pro photographer. I like her commentary on the project though.
I can't say that her work is better than many others, but I respect her work and dedication to the art nonetheless. @pipeline There is a difference between "artist" and "pro photographer". Just because you could have physically taken the same photograph yourself definitely doesn't mean you could write an artist statement and apply art to it in a thought provoking way. I mean really, many people said Jackson Pollock's work could have been done by anyone; "it's just a bunch of paint splattered on a canvas." (Mentioning Pollock does not mean I think this woman is the Pollock of photography, just a comparison of statements.