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Alison Turner: Vanscapes

Here is a neat project on the pursuit of freedom and happiness through adventure! I love little creative projects like this. Here is what Alison says about her work: "Born and raised in Southern California, I learned early on that freedom consisted of long family road trips in our wood paneled station wagon. After graduating college, I started my journey of climbing the corporate ladder thinking it would lead me to a better life. Years passed by and I as I made it to the top steps of the ladder, I wasnโ€™t fulfilled. Instead, I felt trapped and uninspired. I decided to give it all up in order to find my creative soul that was lost along the way. To do that, I packed up everything I needed in my car and began to wander across the United States looking for something. What I found was a new appreciation of what is important in life and a better understanding of who I am as a person. I found this through photography. This past April, I took a solo dream trip to New Zealand for three weeks to live in a van. Within hours of landing and during my first stop, all of my possessions were stolen from the van I rented and all I had left was what I was wearing and a few things in my purse. It was a shock to see all of my bags gone, but I really didnโ€™t get that upset since my three most important possessions (passport, wallet and iphone) were on me when the theft happened. For the next three weeks, I took photos every day of the places I came across with my iphone. I wanted to remember what it was like living in the van and looking out to the beautiful scenery every day so I found myself taking photographs from the drivers seat, while framing each image with the passenger window. Each day, the โ€œVanscapeโ€ views were so different from the previous day. I wanted to show a variety of locations to give the viewer a sense of being there, along for the ride."
I love this! This is exactly why I demand to be the passenger in every road trip rather than driver. The world looks so great out of a car window.
I just love how good of an attitude she had about losing all her possessions. Everything is stolen from her except her phone and the clothes on her back, yet she is still able to make the most of the experience. This makes this an innocent, yet really really fun project to view :)
Its cool that no matter how many she thought she reached her vision, she was able to adjust as necessary to find something even better
@caricakes @Kimbler @hunahuna Glad you guys like the project!
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