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Win-win tennis betting strategies: how to bet

Tennis sports betting strategies are very popular among both novice players just learning the world of betting and experienced bettors. Despite the fact that no strategy will give a hundred percent guarantee that all bets will win, many of them are profitable in the medium or long term.

In order to bet on tennis, it is necessary to study all the basic features of the sport, analyze all available data, thoroughly understand tennis and tennis players. Bookmaker tennis betting lines are different from the lines for soccer, hockey and similar sports. Here you can bet on the result of games, game totals and many other outcomes.

Selection of tennis matches for betting

The question of the choice of matches for betting is controversial and ambiguous. Based on my experience, I would say that it is better to avoid matches where there are risk factors. For example: an untreated injury of one of the players, uncertain motivation, second-rate tournaments with doubtful fairness. Ideally, one should bet on such status competitions as Roland Garros, Wimbledon, Davis Cup and others.

In general, you can make money on any tennis match in a bookmaker's office. The main thing is to understand the essence and principles of the system used, correctly selecting duels that fit into the paradigm of this strategy.

Under no circumstances should you grab a large number of games - this is one of the main mistakes of beginner bettors. The formula "more matches - higher income" does not work, and if you don't believe me, you can check it out and see for yourself.

Popular Systems

I will start with popular strategies for tennis betting, which you, quite possibly, have already heard of. The prevalence of these systems directly indicates their effectiveness in betting.

Game Betting Strategies

Game betting strategy is one of the varieties of catch-up and is not recommended for novice players. As you know, tennis players serve in turns in a set: in the first game the first player serves, in the second game - the second, and so on. The strategy of games consists in betting on the victory of the serving tennis player. Statistics states that athletes win their serves most of the time, even in games against the strongest opponents. For a tennis betting strategy to work, it is important to choose the right matches.

Tennis players should have different levels, and it is foolish to bet on a beginner as opposed to the world number one. The optimum is if one of the opponents is a solid middleweight and the other is going for the champion title. A mediocre player can win a few games on his serve against top-seeded tennis players. The athlete will lose the whole match, but we don't need him to win either.

We play the games where he comes in as the server. And provided that the odds are greater than 1.60. A game betting strategy can be combined with a long-play betting strategy. If the bet fails, it is doubled. For example, you bet a hundred rubles that the serving tennis player will win a game. The bet fails, and the player loses. The next bet, that he will win a game on serve, is already two hundred rubles. After winning - a return to the beginning and repeating the cycle. It is important to stop in time and stop betting a few games before the final: there is a risk of taking a run-up and losing the bank.

Strategies for betting on sets

One of the leading strategies of this type is a betting system on winning the third set. Bets are made in play, and two conditions must be met:

Opponents must be roughly equal. The difference in odds to win at the beginning of the match should not exceed 0.60.

If the tennis players are approximately equal, and the first set ends with a solid victory of one of them, bookmakers sharply change odds, overestimating the winner of the first set.

The essence of the strategy is as follows:

if at the end of the first set the odds on the victory of one of the tennis players is less than 1.15-1.20, we bet against him. When the quotations begin to grow and the figures return to the pre-match indicators, we bet "for". The main conditions under which the strategy works - compliance with the above conditions and a thorough analysis of the match participants.

Strategies of betting on the favorite

The strategy of betting on the favorite in tennis is to bet on the players at odds of 1.45-1.65. The player selects matches where there are clear favorites and outsiders. Here it is possible to be guided by the quotations of bookmaker's offices: the analysts of BC conduct their own analysis and identify the obvious contenders to win.

If the odds on the favorite is in the range of 1.45-1.65, you can bet on his victory. For the greatest efficiency betting strategy on the favorite can be combined with a suitable financial strategy, such as overtaking. Many professional players note that it is in tennis that most of the coincidence of the bookmaker's office evaluation of the favorite with the actual outcome of the match.

40 40 betting strategy

Tennis betting strategy 40/40 is designed for fans of real-time betting. Some bookmakers offer to bet on the "Score 40-40 - Yes" or "Score 40-40 - No" in the in-play market, assuming that there will (or will not) be such a score during the game. Who will win the game and the match - does not matter. Strategy 40-40 is combined with the classical Martingale.

A bet is made on the market "Score 40-40" in one of the games. If the bet fails, the game is skipped, and a bet is made on the same market when the previous athlete serves. Considering that the odds for this market fluctuate between 2.50 and 4.00, you may not increase your bet on the first steps, then by the amount of the original bet. The 40-40 strategy has several nuances:

Women's tennis is more suitable to play for this strategy. Male athletes are more stable, and if the game is equal, they usually take a game on their own serve. The optimal spread in odds for victory is 1.70-2.30. The optimal surface is clay. Specialists consider it to be slow, so the draw may be delayed.

You should not enter the game in the first games. If the first few games went without a score of 40-40, you can bet on this market in the next game. When betting in real time, it is necessary to watch the video broadcast. This allows you to understand the capabilities of the athletes - in particular, whether the receiving side will be able to impose a long fight on someone else's serve.

Betting on the first point

The essence of the strategy is to bet on winning the first point. The first point a tennis player earns is drawn. The point can take both the serving player and the receiver of the service. The rate on the server in the bookmakers' offices is a bit higher. Before making a bet (if you are going to work on the perspective) it is worth getting acquainted with the abilities and preferences of the tennis players, to estimate how often they win the first point in a game on their own and on the opposite server.

Then find a match with a suitable outcome in real time and make a bet. It is possible to start with the assumption that the player will sooner or later take a point on his own serve, and bet on the long side, but this option is considered to be riskier. The optimal financial strategy is the ladder, where you risk only the initial bet.

Betting on Expresses

In most bookmaker's offices like, you can choose from variants of a single outcome. For example, in handicaps you can choose a handicap (-4.5) or (-2.5). Bet on the total of the match 20.5 games or 17.5. This allows you to reduce the risk that the bet will not play. The odds on less dangerous bets are much lower. Therefore, it is necessary to make a preliminary analysis of one or more matches.

If the tennis player on whom the handicap bet is made is really capable of winning by a significant margin, and the outsider can resist and is able to take at least half of the games on his own serve, you can combine a pair of bets in a parlay. This increases the risk (two bets must be played), but it also increases the odds.

Exact Bets

The exact score betting strategy in tennis is based on predicting the outcome of a match in sets. The number of sets is from three to five, depending on the championship. The game is played until a victory in two or three sets. A bet is made on the exact score of 2:0 (3:0) on the favorite. Kef on his victory should not exceed 1.50 - it allows you to sift out unnecessary games at once. Before betting it is necessary to analyze the performance of athletes on a particular surface.

A tennis player can perform well on grass, but show the worst results on clay. Statistics of successful serves, victories on the opponent's serve, statistics of previous victories are analyzed. And in the case if the tennis player can really beat his opponent without losing a single set, you can bet. For a profitable tennis betting strategy, you should not use the overtake and other similar financial systems. It is best to bet in flat, fixed stakes of 3-5 percent of the playing bank.