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Working tennis betting strategies

A separate item I decided to allocate six strategies that I did not just call working. This is a list of my favorite strategies for tennis betting that have not let me down in practice. Again, do not forget the importance of match selection, analysis and money management, without which even the most promising system is doomed to failure.

Corridor Bets

Two opposite bets are made on a tennis match, which form a corridor. The goal is to get into this corridor, i.e. to win both bets. In the worst case, one of them is guaranteed to win.

Let's consider the following example of corridors: let's bet 1000 rubles on TB(22.5) with odds 1.78 and TM(24.0) with a quotation 1.71. If the total of games played is 23 - both bets will play and the profit will be 1490 rubles. In that case, when total equals 24 - 780, because refunds will be issued on the second bet. If it is more than 24 or less than 22, only one position will win, and the player will lose either 220 or 290 roubles.

Game breaks

In matches between almost equal opponents, we wait for a series of four games without a break, and then we bet on a break in the next game. In case of losing, double the bet amount until there is no winning.

Betting on zero game handicaps

A promising strategy that works well when in doubt of a player's final victory, but when in certainty of winning games. The only problem is that not many bookmakers have a market with such bets.

Not so much a strategy as an approach to tennis match analysis, in which the current form of the athlete, not only physical, but also psychological, is at the top of the list. Rating, face-offs, and other factors do not matter; it is worth taking into account the condition of the tennis players. Such a tactic allows you to find valuables bets.

Winning a tournament

Long-term betting strategy for tennis, where it is necessary to predict not the outcome of any match, but the outcome of the whole tournament. In particular, we are interested in the winner of the competition. It is difficult to consider the strategy as the main one, it is rather an additional tool in the bettor's sleeve for Grand Slam tournaments and some others.

Features of in-play betting

Making bets in live mode on tennis on, you can catch a larger odds than it was for a similar outcome in the pre-match line. To beat the bookmaker in live betting you need to know the tennis players' strategy, possibilities, news and peculiarities of their play on various surfaces. There are several very good strategies for betting on tennis in play, let's consider them in detail.

Finding inflated odds

If there is a clear favorite in a tennis match, the odds on his victory before the match will be small. It is unprofitable and risky to bet a large sum of money on a victory with a small odds, the earnings in percentage ratio will be miserable. It is better to wait for the start of the meeting to bet on the victory of the favorite in play. It is especially profitable to bet if the favorite begins to lose. The sudden success of the opponent will lead to a change in odds - the victory of the leader of the meeting will already give higher odds.

The most important thing here is to choose the moment when it is better to bet on the favorite of the meeting. The player's profit depends on it. If you bet too early, you'll earn very little. Naturally, there is a risk of losing the favorite. You can reduce the risk of losing your bet by watching the match and analyzing the situation using your sports knowledge.

Many famous tennis players are not committed to a quick start in a tennis match, so they often give the first game to their opponent. Bookmakers know this, so they are very careful to change the odds upwards when the outsider surrenders the first set. For good earnings you need to bet at the moment when it seems that the favorite is about to lose, but common sense and analytics assure you that the leader will win.