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Book vs. Movie: The Wolf of Wall Street
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If you haven't seen the hit movie The Wolf of Wall Street starring Leonardo DiCaprio, you need to go see it. Right now. Stop reading. I'm serious. Okay, so maybe not everyone will love this flick, but I really enjoyed it! DiCaprio plays the part of Jordan Belfort, a investment banker who may be into more than just investments. The movie was adapted from the memoir written by Belfort himself chronicling his ridiculous and less-than-legal lifestyle. While the adaptation from book to movie was pretty accurate, with much of the dialogue coming straight from the book, the biggest questions I had all revolved around the actual story: what did Belfort really do? Did he really wreck a helicopter? (yes). Did he really have to be rescued by the Italian navy because his boat capsized? (again, yes). Beyond that, how much was true? While he ultimately served 22 months in jail, he was under no conviction to tell the truth when writing the book. Even though I'm not sure if I believe every detail, the book was a good read that gives some flesh to the movie. The biggest thing the movie lacks is good satire: and that, you'll find in the book.
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@flymetothemoon The soundtrack is quite good, I should have mentioned that! @greggr The movie makes the lies more entertaining, but his antics no less untruthful!
I only watched clips of this movie and had no idea it was based on a true story? That makes the movie a lot less funny to me.
@sophiamor yep, it is! It's not totally true for sure because of all his lies, but its mostly true. @onesmile good chocie!