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The right amount of sleep will help you maintain a healthy weight, lack of sleep will do the exact opposite!
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It also wrecks havoc on your skin!
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@nokcha exactly, it messes up your whole system
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Just thought I'd check in to say that I'm going to sleep a half an hour earlier than usual because of this haha
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Good for you @Nisfit hahahaha
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Decades of horrible insomnia with maybe an hour or two sleep and menopause! A lifetime weight of 99lbs now gained to 120lbs. I knew something was off. Weightlifting 3-4 days and 7 days of various exercises, eating healthy doesn't work anymore! Think I will will blame the hormones and menopause! Experts also say Insomnia shortens our life span. Any way we look at it Insomnia is just not healthy. (Oh and for you young ladies menopause is not something to look forward to either - hot flashes, weight gain, hormones all over the place, acne again! But age and maturity has its benefits and this time of life is great otherwise!)
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