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I hate having to stop running in order to even my breathing because of cramps. Focusing on breathing at the right time while running will decrease the pain in your side!
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@traveller Cramps are often caused by not exhaling fully. So if while you're jumping rope you aren't being careful to push all of the air out of your abdomen before taking in another breath you'll end up with cramps. Try exhaling with your mouth as if you were whistling, it reaches the air deep in your stomach!
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@Sjeanyoon I have heard that that helps, but the big factor is that you slow your breathing enough to control it and to start breathing correctly!
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I never knew this so I'll give it a go
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Random but cool? I never thought that the timing of my exhale could cause extra cramping...or am i understanding wrong?
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I guess this makes sense, I never thought about it before.
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