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Kangto is afraid that Shunji would find that he was helping Mokdans dad, so unfortunately, Kangto knocks her dad out. Shunji decides to go back to the police office with Kangto. Shunji tells his underling to look after Kangto and his every move. Mokdan's dad is taken back as prisoner. Kangto tells his commander that the rebels still have many explosives and that it is dangerous that the rebels got away. and that Shunji has ordered the capture of Mokdan's dad instead of his release, further increasing tensions between the officers and the rebels. The commander slaps Shunji for not listening to Shunji and rips off his shoulder ranking. Shunji says he did what he did in order to get a chance to capture Gaksital. The commander tells Kangto to arrest Shunji temporarily. and he does. Just then, a call comes in before they leave. It is the general, he says that there should be a public execution. Commander Konno thinks thats not the right timing and too harsh, it will further tensions. The general says to do so and hangs up. Kangto wonders how Shunji did it, but it must have been when Shunji told his underling and his underling probably told the General. At the general's office, it turns out that Hongju was there and she must have told the general. The general is enchanted by her. Shunji calls Kangto into his office. They sit. Shunji says that he believes kangto isnt on Mokdan's dads side, but he does say that the timing was too perfect. So something feels weird. Kangto explains that he believed the commander's intentions and followed them, thus the timing turned out the way it was. Kangto said he didnt want to show mokdan's dad die in front of Mokdan. Shunji says he doesnt think the way Commander Konnno and Kangto does. He believes he can find Gaksital through his convictions with Mokdan's dad. Kangto is starting to figure out that that samurai looking guy is teamed with Shunji. Ever since that night at the banquet. He calls the room he saw Hongju's bodyguard go into, and there is no answer. Shunji knocks on a door, and the body guard follows. Inside the room is Mokdan... alone. Shunji asks if she is okay and she spits on his face. Shunji says how he brought her dad back. He tells her that they will use her father... for a purpose... and it was all thanks to Kangto. She says... Kangto? and he says, you dont actually believe that Kangto loves you.. do you? Shunji says if you want to hhelp your father, dont go anywhhere and stay put. he asks her to believe him. Mokdan says, believe you?! She says how the current students are getting beat by the new teacher. Shunji looks shocked. He cant believe it. and she says, you expect me to believe you? Shunji says he wishes to protect her, but she doesnt believe him. Shunji says he wants to capture gaksital so he can finally but his brother to rest and go back to teaching and living a normal life. Shunji says he wants her next to her. She says look at my fathers position, you expect me to just sit here?? He gets angry, stands up and slaps her. Calls in his officer and tells him to watch her very carefully so she doesnt try anything fishy. Shunji walks out and all of a sudden is approached by Hongju's body guard. Shunji goes in the room to meet with her. She says when Mokdan's dad is publicly executed, should we raise our hands and rejoice? She says she doesnt want any more mistakes from Shunji. Shunji tells her that he is sure that Kangto is not Gaksital. She believes him. She says she will capture him because she knows taht Shunji still has feelings for mokdan. Shunji says not to think about touching Mokdan, or by his hand, he will kill. Shunji says, Hongju's pathetic. She just stands there shocked, as he walks out. haha! When Shunji leaves, Kangto sees him leave and kangto makes his way into that building, but is followed by a spy of shunjis. Kangto is about to go into the room where he saw hongjus bodyguard, he hides and sees Hongju come out too! So he remembers her from the club. Mokdan tries to escape. She fails, is almost hit, then kangto says for them to stop. He puts her back in her room and gos in to talk to her alone. The spy sees him go in and tells Shunji's underling. He tells SHunji and shunji leaves. Mokdan gets angry at Kangto because of what he did with her father. She says how kangto is a chosun person, but how can you use your own kind that way. He says, as long as there was a way for her to stay alive a little longer. He says hes confused too. That knife... he asks, you dont remember who gave you that knife? Theres a flashback when they were younger as how that knife became so important. That knife was originally Kangto's dads. He always kept it close. Mokdan finds it when Kangto lost it, risking her life in the cold. It's back in present time now and Shunji is back in the office. Mokdan doesn't believe that Kangto is the one who gave that knife to her because of all that evil that Kangto has done. There's no way that such a human could possibly do such evil. She thought it was Gaksital that gave her the knife. And she cant stand to bear the truth. Shunji listens from outside. Kangto begs mokdan to believe him. That he is really trying to help her and her father. Right then Shunji comes in and asks Kangto, did you not hear my orders? Kangto leaves. Shunji realizes that they do, indeed, have a history together afterall. All the rich officials meet with the general to discuss chosun political matters. The officials try to talk and convince the general of the next step to take. Down at the torture chamber. Kangto sees mokdans father. He lets him off his chains and lets him sit. Mokdans dad believes he knows Kangto's intentions seeing as he shot one of his own officers. Kangto says he made a promise. In return, he asks for the whereabouts of the rebels, so that he can prevent further complications. Mokdan's father says, you think you can really believe your fellow officers? Kangto answers with you need to believe me. Gaksital makes his appearance at the hideaway. Hongju asks, did you know that your son, still has feelings for mokdan? (she's talking to Shunjis dad) Hongju says she will kill Mokdan. She tells Kimura to stay, and watch her kill Mokdan. Hongju's body guard is taking Mokdan. Kangto sees this and follows him. She is there and the body guard pulls .the knife. just then... Gaksital comes in to rescue Kimura fights Gaksital but loses. No one does yet. Gaksital and mokdan try to escape! Mokdan evades Hongjus attacks, and gaksital fights the body guard. It's a fighting frenzy! Kangto gets cut here and there. He motions mokdan to run while he fights 2 v 1. He strikes hongju down.. now its 1v1. and he strikes the body guarddown too. They both flee. Mokdan flees to the forest and waits for Gaksital to appear. She prays.. She sees him on his horse slumped over. He's badly hurt. He brought back the knife that mokdan held dear. She pulls off the mask and sees that it is KANGTO!!!!!! OMG!!!!!!!!!! AHHH!!!!!! ---- End of episode--- No preview.... again -_-. Thanks everyone see you tmrw!
link for streaming please????
waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah... oh. my. god!! at last, she knows that gaksital is kanto... can't wait for the olympics to end so that i can watch my gaksital.. i'm just reading your recap and i couldn't help but scream at the end,,,thanks as always for your wonderful recap leegloria22....^^
OH-AM-GEE!! This was one of the awesomest ep!!! Thanku so much!! Was unbelievably good! Hopefully Mok Dan stays by his side from now on!!!!
thank you
OMFG and since there is only one episode this week because of the olympics or whatever we have to wait unitl NEXT WEEK are you KIDDING ME!!!! THIS ONE WAS SO GOOD!
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