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Field notes require a lot of detail, but there are some basics you need to make sure you include in both your file name and the actual writing so that you can locate and organize your notes properly at a later time!
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@timeturnerjones oh, sweet! I took an intro to cultural anth class once, haha. I'll check it out, though I'm not sure it's meant for me ^^
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This is awesome! I took a few anthro classes, and read a few ethnographies, but never knew HOW people recorded their info!
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@hikaymm Exactly! How are we supposed to try it out ourselves if they don't teach us?
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People often forget how important WWWWH is - who what where why how!
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@ryantadman exactly! the most basic of all basics, and still people forget it. It is even important when you're doing "bigger" research. You need the basics to build up from.
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