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Not every situation will allow you to take field notes: if you're involved in heavy immersion, you might be busy getting your hands dirty and need to rely on your memory to take notes. Use this card to help determine whether or not you should take field notes, and what style you should try!
@nehapatel There are still places where people arent meant to be disturbing, but in many western cities, you're probably right.
The worst situation are those where you cannot write notes, but as more and more people enter social science fields, these areas are becoming (very) slowly obsolete, I think.
@kristenadams That'd be a rough one!! I bet it would have been even harder if she had been working hands out with them--imagine trying to write and keep track, haha! It's great that she was able to just sit and take notes though, often that's the best way of observing at first.
My cousin was studying animal psychology and had to take notes on elephant behaviour for two hours. She sat at the zoo and jotted down their movements every twenty seconds!