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Greetings from Kristen, the Love & Relationship Moderator
Dear Vinglers, I really enjoyed my time last quarter as Editor of the Love & Relationship Interest with you all, so I applied again! I will be the Love & Relationship Moderator for Quarter Three :) I know some of you have already asked me about Interest Staff and I'd LOVE for some help! (@sophiamor @galinda) If anyone else thinks they'd be a good fit for Interest Staff, please send me a message! Thanks for your support and best wishes to our new Moderators <3 Love, Kristen
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Awesome! I am still interested in the Interest Staff so once you get comfortable with your Moderator duties, message me ;)
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Woo!! Welcome back Kristen!
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@sohiamor @Sjeanyoon @galinda Thank you guys! @sophiamor I'll def message you soon ;)
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