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i absolutely love this guy!!! * fan-girl swoons*
@nylamrehs Definitely. Sharing our experiences, it's really nice. I always look forward to talking to ya guys a lot. I've said it again and I'll say it now, I'm so glad I found Vingle. @cheerfulcallie You're very welcome, Callie. Definitely, you've got such a great personality, who wouldn't want to be your friend? Crazy! @nylamrehs Oh, right! Hope you will share a picture of your short hair.
@YinofYang yeah, we're both destined to meet b/c we both have big heads, lolz.....nah, actually thank you for your kind words, im glad ive made friends on vingle too and most importantly that everyone has accepted me for who i am and not for what i look like....@nylamrehs yes YOU, you're HOT!!! lets see a pic, hopefully you'll eventually share one w/us (*_^) where? where?..hahhahaha @yinofyang... it's good that we get to meet friends who just wanna talk truthful things about oneself, who can give you advice and such, share experiences.. don't you think so...? love talking to @neaa, @callie and to you too...and to everyone who i talked to since i joined vingle..^^
@cheerfulcallie I swear, it's like we were destined to meet. My head is huge too. In fact, no one will let me borrow their hats or sunglasses, because I always stretch them out. I like to think it's because I have a huge brain. See, double big brains!
@cheerfulcallie (´_`。) Aw, it makes me sad that you don't like the way you look. I know that coming from someone who has never actually met you, it sounds insincere, but I think you're beautiful. Your personality makes you even more so. @nylamrehs I got you beat on that. I think as women, we definitely always struggle with our images and our weight. The most important thing is this support between us. I would love to see your new hair cut. I bet it's really cute. :)
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