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Martyn Ashton gained much notoriety in the road cycling world with his "Road Bike Party" videos where he road a road bike like a trials bike (and quite successfully too). While filming the second video, Ashton had a bad fall and was paralyzed from the waist down. Well, I am happy to say that about one year after his accident he is getting back into competitive cycling, albeit a bit different than his previous experience with cycling. Ashton has picked up competitive hand cycling. I am happy that this man has continued to keep going, even throughout the hardships he has faced.
@TeamWaffles me too! It's really inspiring to see his passion
@onesmile @pipeline @yantadman @Sjeanyoon Yes, this guy's story is so inspiring. I really hope he finds happiness in hand cycling.
wow...amazing that he feels brave enough to come back to cycling. thanks for sharing~
This is rad to hear. In such a short amount of time too!
This is really impressive. Good for you, Martyn!
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