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Here is a pump-up video for the next season of cyclocross. If you know nothing about cyclocross, it's essentially riding a road bike through mud, dirt and obstacles. Yes, riders fall a lot. Now, you may be asking yourself, "who in their right mind would do this sport?" This video may clear that up for you.
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Clicked because of the Paul Frank monkey socks, stayed because I've never seen anything like cyclocross before (plus the beginning of this sounded like a horror movie so I was nervous for the cyclists hahaha)
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I had no idea cyclocross has been around for that long. One of the guys in the video said he's been doing this for 30 years?!
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What an awesome teaser trailer for the upcoming season. @Nisfit @caricakes Cyclocross has been around for years. Search "cyclocross + your city name + race". The races are a blast to go to and will introduce you to the sport well!
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