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Here are 20 helpful tips that explain some not so obvious features of the Playstation 4 console. If you want a quick rundown of what you'll see in the video, here is a brief description of what you'll see: 1. Make headphones wireless 2. Use your phone as a keyboard 3. Pre-load games 4. Remote playing on Vita 5. Use your Vita as an extra console controller 6. Record your skills 7. Personalize the share button 8. Let viewers interact via livestream 9. Use the Share Factory 10. Connect to Social Media 11. Charge while your console sleeps 12. Use voice commands 13. Multitask 14. Make the most of PS+ 15. Download games remotely 16. Dim the light bar on the DS4 17. Get moving with the PS Move 18. Don't be camera shy 19. Set up a passcode 20. Watch Playstation Live
@TeamWaffles The remote play feature was a great idea in theory but was only implemented by a small number of games on the PS3...
@BRNKNG Lol, all joking aside. Why don't you use the remote play feature? That's literally the ONLY reason I would consider getting a vita
Finally! I can use my Vita for something. A controller. A really expensive controller.
Yeah! The Vita really interacts well with the PS4. Not to mention smartphones for everything but gaming! @hunahuna
Wow, I had no idea you could use the PS Vita as a regular controller. That's some really nice integration.