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Bradley suggested Carnegie Deli for lunch. Renowned as ‘the most famous deli’ in New York, if you haven’t heard of Carnegie Deli, you should’ve done! It is home to some of the biggest sandwiches I have ever seen in my life which is apparently fitting since the deli’s motto is “If you can finish your meal, we’ve done something wrong”. The deli has two specialities; the first of which is the sandwiches – particularly the corned beef and pastrami sandwiches which claim to contain at least half a kilo of meat in them! Bradley ordered the pastrami sandwich which was huge! I have only one bone to pick (HA!) – but it seems that this isn’t just with the restaurant but with America as a whole. Ok…so…I ordered a chicken salad sandwich. In England, a chicken salad sandwich includes chicken and salad. You’ll understand when my surprise then when I received my sandwich - there was no salad in my sandwich! Aside from missing the salad, the sandwich was still pretty good! ^^ The sandwiches do end up costing nearly $20…but since I only ate half and took the rest to go…$10 a meal isn’t actually that bad! The second specialty is cheesecake and wow- what good cheesecake it is. I thought I’d eaten good cheesecake and then I came here! We had a really great time at the deli but we both ended up taking half our sandwiches home in boxes…and half the cheesecake too (although that didn’t survive long at home!) If you’re in New York, this place is definitely worth a visit!
@sailingperson true! We both only got through half..!
@maryjane01 yup I definitely know that feeling!
@maryjane01 neither had I until that day!! where did you see your biggest sandwich? ^^
I don't think I've ever seen such a big sandwich..
those sandwiches look amazing / terrifying !!!
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