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The casual chino are those that can be found in every 'street fashion store' all over America. They are most easily identified by their stitching on both the inseam and outer side of the pants. These casual chinos tend to made of lower quality material, lower sitting on the hips, and have a lower price point. These chinos usually go with a more casual style (hence the name). Casual staples such t-shirts, polos, cardigans and hoodies will all go great as well
Wow, I can't wait for the rest. I really didn't know there were different types of chinos. I thought they just came in different colors! Lol @styleisking
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@ralphiekingston Glad you like them. Hopefully you will learn a little bit more about chinos
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Can't wait, I feel like everybody is into chinos now
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this is my stylis
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