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Known for her beautiful illustrations in one edition of Tolkein's Hobbit, Jansson also created amazing illustrations for a Swedish edition of Alice in Wonderland starting in 1959. She had worked on an earlier one of Carroll's novels at his request, and when she finished the illustrations in 1966, he sent her an excited telegram, telling her just how happy he was with the results! These illustrations, some of which are seen above, are clearly cause for such celebration--they're stunning, in Jansson's distinct style, and still really bring Alice to life! What a wonderful story; what wonderful illustrations. Hope I can find this rare edition some day!
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@rachelykim Wonderful! I'll have to check that out. Fairy tale illustrations, especially this style, have always been interesting to me.
I recently got an Alice in Wonderland illustrated by Yayoi Kusama. It's the complete opposite feel of these illustrations. Its so funny that the same story can be retold so differently!
i like these illustrations. and i love illustrations of alice in wonderland. I even have collectiom here om vingle about fairy tale illustrations. :)
omg #10 image the cheshire cats face scared me ! lol @greggr
It's great how illustration can really set the feeling for a body of writing. Thanks for sharing these illustrations @greggr
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