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Wigs Maintain Guide - How To Wash & Take Care of Your Wig?
The hair of a wig, like real human hair, needs to be washed, but not in the same way. You must pay particular attention to cleaning your wig to keep it because its average lifespan is about 6 to 8 months. It is therefore important to master this step, depending on the fiber of the hair. We recommend washing it every 10 to 15 uses if you wear it occasionally or once a week if you wear it daily. But it also depends on you and your environment: the number of hours worn, the smells, the smoke, the season, your perspiration, etc ... How do you wash your wig? Before washing your wig, gently untangle it with an anti-static brush if you have a synthetic hair wig. If you have a human hair wig, detangle them with a wooden brush for straight hair or a comb with wide teeth or even with your fingers if the hair is curly, wavy or curly, starting at the ends and working your way up. roots. For synthetic hair, dip the wig in a basin or sink filled with cold water mixed with a dab of specific shampoo. The shampoo should be mixed with water and not put directly on the wig. Let it bathe for about 10 minutes or you can also take it out of the water and put it back in several times (like a cloth) but always with care. Then rinse it thoroughly under cold water in the direction of the hair until the shampoo is completely eliminated. Repeat this step 2 times in a row. For human hair wigs, we recommend fixing your wig using pins to prick on a polystyrene head (fix the needles on the cotton parts of the hat). Fit your polystyrene head to a suitable suction cup and fix it there in your bathtub or shower. Put a dab of shampoo in your hands and spread the product over the hair, spreading the hair with your fingers up and down always in the same direction and WITHOUT RUBING! Rinse in the direction of the hair leaving the prosthesis on the polystyrene head, WITHOUT RUBPING, with lukewarm water and repeat this step 2 times. How to take care of your wigs? We then recommend that you apply a balm that will nourish the fiber of your synthetic or natural hair. For synthetic hair wigs, use the balm provided for this type of hair. Pour a dab of balm in cold water (lukewarm maximum) and lightly stir the water to dilute the product. Then place your prosthesis in the water and let it soak for about 10 minutes. For optimal care, do not rinse it unless you have put too much product and the hair has a sticky appearance. For models with natural or semi-natural hair, use the balm provided for this type of hair. Apply it on your hands-on wet hair and spread it all over the hair from top to bottom WITHOUT RUBBING. Rinse in the direction of the hair on the head with lukewarm water. You can also bring deeper care to natural hair thanks to the intensive regenerating mask which will offer hydration and suppleness. To be done 1x every 3 shampoos. For this, after washing, on damp hair, apply a small amount of mask in your hands which you rub and then distribute gently over the hair, always from the roots to the ends and never vice versa, unlike rinsing. Leave on for at least 10 minutes then rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water from root to tip without rubbing. However, we advise you, once a month or every two months, to maintain your natural hair in a specialized institute which will give it real care to nourish the hair and protect it from external aggressions. And now that it's clean, what do I do? To dry your prosthesis in synthetic hair or in human hair, gently sponge it in a towel by gently tapping without twisting or wringing it out. Then let it dry naturally, in the open air on a wig holder so that the hairstyle can fall back on its own. For synthetic curly wigs, the curls will reform on their own when drying. Once your wig's hair is dry, gently shake your prosthesis before wearing it. Use your fingers to shape it to regain a natural look. For models with human hair, once dry, you can also use a straightening or curling iron, but be careful to use the lowest possible temperature so as not to damage the hair too much. Warning: Never brush or style the wig while it is still wet and it is essential to wait until the roots are completely dry. Never use