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Hi everyone; I’m Grace aka Kimbler, and I’ll be your Dance Interest Moderator this quarter. Nice to meet you! I have been a dancer since I was three years old, and even though I’m in college now, I’ve never stopped! My main interest is ballet, but I have also taken many tap, jazz, modern and theater classes over the years. These days, I participate mostly in ballet related performances at school, but I’ve been trying out some new fusion ballet. Though I’m a ballerina, I really love all types of dance: the way music and motion can fuse together to display passionate emotion is so entertaining to me that I find myself enjoying all styles of dance. The most interesting, memorable performances I’ve ever seen were fusions of many styles, and I think that every dance community has some of this fusion. The dance community here on Vingle is so tiny that I really want to help it grow by getting more dancers to join our interest and talk about the dance they love, what they’re doing, and even showing off their own choreography. I hope that I can do this, but I might need help, so if you’re interested, please message me and maybe you can become Interest Staff! I want to help form a community that isn’t about just ballet, but lots of dance styles, so I hope that if you are interested in dance of any kind, you’ll join in the conversation. Happy dancing! Feel free to message me at any time :)
Hi!! i used to go to ballet dance when i was a 5 and when i was in high school i used to perform with different clubs and we dance different types but then i stop it after few years.but now i want to start dancin again, while im almost finish to get mu it possible to start over again?
Hi Kimbler, I don't do ballet but have been dancing since the first time I saw Michael Jackson dance. Have always been trying emulate his steps. I have seen some ballet recitals in India and clearly it seems to be the most difficult dance form. Here in India we prefer dancing to Bollywood tunes or Indian movie music and if you are interested can surely share it with you
First off I wanted to say that I used that picture for my dance club for high school. XD I definitely support you! I'm new here on Vingle and I hope I can be involved on this mini dance community with you. I have hidden choreography in my laptop that I am too shy to share with YouTube and I was planning to post my videos onto Vingle (if I can) I will definitely follow you! :D