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Hello everyone! I’m Mike, but I go by mcgraffy on here, and I’m happy to get to tell you all that I’m gonna be Interest Moderator of the fishing interest for this quarter. Last quarter was @happyrock , and we had some good times talking, so I’m excited to try it out this time. There still aren’t many fishing people here on Vingle so I really want to try to get some more to join us. If your at all interested in helping me out, please message me and maybe you can join Interest Staff. All together I bet we can really get this community going! (@happyrock and @fallingwater I hope you girls will consider this). If you just are here to hang out, go ahead and leave a comment, post some cards! The more we help each other learn more the more fun this can be for us. Message me with any concerns, questions, or just to say hello. Nice to meet everybody and let’s talk soon. Tight lines, everyone.
@CaseyJohnson @dougjohnson Do you still need help doug? Casey is willing!!
@happyrock @mcgraffy @fallingwater @MichaelPhillips @dougjohnson I will do anything I can to get this place active and all let me know where y'all need help
@mcgraffy checking now ~~!
@mcgraffy got it :)
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