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I hope you will be successful in everything stay strong take care of your health when you guys smile the whole world shines so please smile always even if its hard remember your fans are always here to support you no matter what happens <3 Fighting keep going forward !!!! *sorry if the korean part is messed up but i am using google translator from : Saudi Arabia yours, kyo 당신이 모든 것을 성공적으로하길 바란다 힘을 내라 건강 돌봐 너희는 세상이 눈부시게 웃으면 이렇게 미소를주십시오 항상 경우에도 자사의 하드 당신의 팬들이 당신에게 <3 무슨 일이 있더라도 지원하지하려면 여기를 항상 기억 싸움 앞으로 계속가!! 보낸 사람 : 사우디 아라비아 *한국어 부분은 엉망이되었지만 난 구글 번역기를 사용하고 사과한다면
its so rare for kpop groups to really be friends and to really really like each other!!! oh have you guys heard, i think JYJ is going back to SM...
thank you so much
i know what you mean, when they smile... its like my whole world feels a bit warmer. love ur card!!! im sure that JYJ will loev it too :)