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If Shin showed up, there would be no reason not to show his pretty face. By using Gong Yoo to play that scene but not showing his face, the point is to convey Kyung Joon has grown up and asking us to imagine an older looking Shin’s face on that body. Maybe it would have worked better to have a completely different body actor play that scene, but that’s neither here nor there. Yoon Jae didn’t die (yay!), Kyung Joon went back to his own body (double yay!), and Da Ran and Kyung Joon showed us that their love story could miraculously have its happy ending by their reunion which was clear enough to show he could remember her but vague enough not to spell it out. They should also have said that there would not be a mutual switch, nor are they interested in dealing with the aftermath of a switch back. I felt like people kept waiting and waiting for switch back, and of course they would be annoyed and disappointed that episode after episode it never happened.
my new baby <3<3<3
i can just say it is disappointment because the end not what i expected to happen
Happy beginning but weird ending..don't they feel awkward with that ending? Maybe they are asking themselves if they made the wrong choice,now that tons of critiscism thrown at them. Whatever,they better think hard about it if ever they have a new drama. The audience is not a bunch of idiots,we can figure it out what's right and wrong. And to think they brought us for a ride when the ending is not what it's supposed to be.
i started watching it from yesterday and noticed that they have great time together from the beginning
You know what,I'm a business woman who's always peeping in here. Busy,busy but still have time to check out Shin and every cards here. I'm rewatching BIG from the first episode again.
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